December 1, 2015

December 2015 Astrological Forecast and Transits

December 2015 Astrological Transits
Here we go for the holiday season and the astrological transits that may potentially impact your world.

Venus enters Scorpio on December 4th. When it is in this position it is not in its happy place. Venus is all about relationships, money, diplomacy, and negotiation. Under this aspect the truth is revealed but it comes across as black and white. Unfortunately this is a pattern where countries may want to wage war. Secrets get exposed, things come out that you may not want known, and it is a strong sexual energy position. Venus in Scorpio is deeply emotional and very raw in its truth. Relationships feel intense, things are very good or bad and the gray area disappears. Mars also continues through Libra for the rest of this month and that adds impact to the same energetic pattern. This combination will ask you to step out of relationships that have been hanging in a gray area and it forces decisions and choices around speaking what you want in love.

Mercury enters Capricorn on December 9th. This is a very straight-laced, get to the point, and make things happen position. It also can create trouble and it will make you feel a little bit all over the place. You want to figure things out but you cannot know the answer right now and you will just have to be content with not knowing. You will hear others spout out and respond to situations with old patterns of behavior that do not work and make no sense. This is because they are so scared that the tendency will be to fall back into the past patterns and habits that used to work.

But those patterns were designed for another time and place and they are literally going to be useless in this particular reality.
You will think others have lost their mind or you will try to put things into patterns that do not fit. No matter how hard anyone tries, what you rationalize will not work properly with the Mercury in Capricorn and the square between Saturn and Neptune. Just sit with the fact that you don’t really know where you are going or where anything is going.

Pluto is in Capricorn also this month and when Mercury goes over Pluto it is going to get even more intense. You will find bosses barking ridiculous orders at you and you are just going to have to relax and go with the flow. Another person’s upset has nothing to do with you but they will try to impose control patterns in order to have the illusion of mastery over the situation. However, they are probably going to spew negative energy to do that. So take that craziness in stride and remember that you cannot reason with insanity. Just do what you are asked regardless of how ridiculous it may seem. You will experience less stress that way.

If you look into the future, the big thing this month is a Mars square Pluto, which is a hostile and intense pattern that can force you to deal with other peoples’ anger. Then Mars is going to oppose Uranus, which is another very crazy alignment. Uranus is unpredictable and Mars wants freedom and independence.

There is a New Moon on December 11th. And at the same time Mars is going to oppose Uranus in Aries as Venus trines Neptune. This is a difficult aspect in picking relationships or really picking anything at all. You need to decide but you don’t know what to decide because there is no direct path or crystal clear clarity.

Needless-to-say this is an extreme position for energy. You want balance but with this energy you are going to have to pick a side. You can no longer waffle around. And when you are not really clear, picking a position can be very scary.

This month is all about deciding what you want.

This is an exciting and powerful new moon and it brings a big explosion of holiday spirit, which I think everyone really wants and needs for this season. With this new moon there is going to be a lot of unpredictability forcing us to take actions that we need to take.
New Moons seed a brand new adventure in your life and Saturn is behind it pushing you to expand your old self into a different perspective. All the while you feel as if you have to pull yourself together. But this is time to reveal new things and see through the illusions of your relationships. Remember to find compassion with yourself and understand that you cannot save everyone and that this might be the time where you have to let others go on their own journey. Just know that others cannot always do it your way. Everyone has to find his or her own path to find happiness.

This New Moon is going to be squaring Jupiter and squaring Chiron so you have to focus on the distant future. You cannot see well close up, so you have to hold the big picture out in front of you and allow this to become the guiding principals for this new you. This is also a place where your former relationships can try to come back into the space, so be aware of that potential lurking and be prepared to make a decision there also.

Jupiter in Virgo wants to see it one way. Chiron wants you to not fall into your old traps or the wounding from your past. You have a fear that you are going to get hurt again. But this is intended to be a breakthrough moment. You have to move forward in life. You have to be willing to take risks again and see if you are stronger and better than you were in the past.

Yes, it might be frightening but it is necessary to show how far you have progressed. You have made big changes and you have come a long way. It is time that you let go and discover who you have become.

This month is about answering the question, “What do you want?” (Mars opposing Uranus)

That is the big issue. It is not about others. It is about seeing your big future.

Are you being narrow minded and playing it safe or are you going to go big and go long? You have to define what you want. Then you will get clarity but you need to start asking the question now.

December is about your journey and where that journey leads you. It is your destiny calling to you from the future. You cannot sit on the fence any longer. You need to make a decision and you need to make that decision this month.

This month we are feeling the square between Saturn and Neptune from November and this confusing energy makes things feel nebulous and a lack of trust in yourself. Life feels foggy and you wish you could see around the next bend. No matter what, there is no simple answer. But with Venus trine Neptune you begin to see through the delusions of your desires.

Both Mars and Venus control what you want and what you desire. And the new moon is being aspected exactly with Uranus and Neptune (Which is about what your independence wants and what you spiritually feel called to do.).

So you are going to have to choose but it is not easy with the North Node and Jupiter starting to conjunct in Virgo, which is asking, “What is the reality?” You are going to feel very picky but you still will have to choose a door. You have to open a door to another reality. Feeling like there is no perfect choice is going to make you angry and volatile so be prepared to get very frustrated and to feel on your edge.

Jupiter is forcing Virgo to make a decision and that is not easy when you are feeling picky and quick to find fault with all the options being presented.

The Sun squares Jupiter on December 14th and that is a big day so keep positive and remain open to the possibilities as this happens. You might feel a bit overly optimistic but that will still be better than feeling “down in the dumps”.

The Moon is in Capricorn trining over to Jupiter that day and that makes you lucky so don’t doubt your decisions and don’t close down. You are going to be doing the best that you can and your mind is trying to come up with options and solutions for you. But at the end of the day follow your feelings and heart over your head and mind.

Mercury conjuncts Pluto on the 19th and that is going to happen really fast and that will unveil something or make a very interesting conversation that deepens you and your understanding of another. Just remember to not fall back into any old or antiquated patterns of behavior because new things are being revealed to you and you want to go with those new possibilities.

On December 21st the Sun enters Capricorn. As the energy goes into Capricorn things are going to get more serious as we go into the time of winter solstice and where the sun is darkest as we move in the direction of the return of the light. There is a grand trine in earth happening so that is going to feel much better. You will feel more grounded and it creates a quiet energy coming into the holiday season.

But just wait.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is a Full Moon in Cancer and that is its natural place of emotional comfort and ease. We also have an explosion of energy on December 25th as Uranus goes direct after being retrograde and that will be the place where you can finally feel a bit of clarity around making a decision about what you want.

This will be a big moment of movement and change. It is a day filled with magic. Uranus going forward creates a lot of electrical energy, family connection, and the sharing of love at Christmas. It will feel lovely. You know you want to feel the love and the connection with others. You know you want to be your best self. You know that you can make a difference in others lives. You just have to make that your choice.

Uranus is finally going to fly away from the Pluto square and there is going to be a huge shift in the energy as Uranus leaps past 10 degrees quickly and we will finally feel an end to those nasty squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Yea!

And on January 1st, Mercury enters Aquarius and that is going to lighten things up and bring a shift to the density. You can have the excitement that you want but you will have to shake your life up. This will bring hope back into your life.

As we get into January Mercury is going to go retrograde but for the whole month of December it is direct giving much needed movement and momentum as we move through the holidays and go into the New Year.


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