July 16, 2015

Astrology/Numerology for 7/17/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/17/15
Today is the number 5. This is a moment to take a look at your reality and your grounding. Healing is being called for today on a much bigger scale than before and it is either time to take a look at your health or take a look at how your reality is in deep need of some form of transformation. As we inch towards Jupiter in Virgo each of us will feel inclined to pay more attention to the details of our life that either promote health and well being or not. Even small things begun today can give you a pay off in the near future. Early today, the Sun is sesquiquadrate Neptune, and there can be a feeling of being pulled off your goals, temporarily weakened motivation, or another such disconnect. This is a wakeup call to attend to your spiritual or imaginative needs or to take a break from pushing forward. The Moon is in Leo all day. This Moon is “sunny”, dramatic, and generous. You want to have fun, play, entertain, and get noticed. This is a time when you seek attention, and when you want to stand out for your special qualities. It’s a generally good time for romance, entertainment, putting on a show, as well as, creative activities. Remember that the ongoing Mars/Pluto opposition has you a bit off your game so try not to agitate others because getting out of skirmishes is going to be harder than getting in them. The Mercury/Mars conjunction, which is opposite Pluto, creates a war with words but fortunately it is separating after its intensity after yesterday. This is a time for independence so let all the pushes and pulls give you the fuel and energy you need to take that leap.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Being kind in a cruel world is the mark of a Strong Woman.


Kindness is always preferable to cruelty. Compassion is always a doorway rather than aggression. I know it is difficult when you feel very stretched, stressed, or not well physically but those are the exact moments to practice. At the end of the day are you going to feel stronger and more proud of your interactions with others or is what you say and do going to cause you to ponder your response and feel guilty? It is a waste of precious energy to blow, react, and then have to reflect in guilt. It takes much less energy to restrain, refrain, and open your heart to feel into the soul of the other person and connect from a place of understanding and presence.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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