May 13, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 5/13/15
Today is the number 8. It is an emotion filled day numerologically and astrologically. With the Moon in Pisces (a very emotionally sensitive position) let’s just say that emotions have the potential to rule the day. It is a day to learn that emotions are fluid. It is best to allow them movement and some air but to also not be attached to them in any way. Just remember that you are expressing a moment not your entire reality unless you attach to it. Allow things to move through. You are not just what you feel. The Moon is in Pisces all-day, aligning with Chiron and harmonizing with the Sun in Taurus. While this may not be the most productive of days in a material sense, this can be a good time for getting to a new understanding of a problem or difficulty, and for opening ourselves up to change and healing. Unresolved feelings or difficulties are in focus now. This is a day for identifying what needs to be done in order for you to grow and improve. It’s a time for sharing, learning, healing, helping, and teaching.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Man has been given everything by nature. If it is put right, man becomes a Buddha. If that energy is in discord and you cannot create an orchestra out of that energy, your life becomes a hell. You are the space where both heaven and hell are possible. Just a little awareness and you can change the hell into heaven.



Today, practice that whatever energies come your way that you find a way to flow with it rather than against it. Resistance magnifies the chaos but when you just allow the flow to take you over that is where something happens that is exciting and inspiring. When you let go of controlling the situation and allow the Universe to be in charge then an organic order emerges and you realize that you are protected and safe. Being a Buddha is about recognizing the patterns of energy that the Universe is presenting and becoming one with the flow of life. When your ego wants a particular thing and the mind tries to control life to get that thing, then often life not only becomes hard but it becomes a living hell. Life does not need to be that. It can be an enlightened experience. All you have to do is stop controlling the situation and see what is possible and in alignment with your true self when something bigger than you ego is in charge.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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