February 21, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 2/22/15

Today is the number 14/5. The number 5 is associated with the 5 senses, earth, grounding, humanity, and the opportunity to express free will and personal freedom. If you could express that free will what would you do with it? How do you want to leave an imprint of your life here on earth. Often this is not about doing something that will make you famous but it is about helping others, impacting humanity is perhaps small but ways that expand in positive ways over time. How can you touch another today in a way that makes a difference? It is often about sharing your wisdom, confidence, and faith in another’s potential. We all need someone who holds us up to our highest light, expression, and self. Today, believe in humanity. Believe in the potential of the human heart. Give your joy and love of life to another. Lift them up and show them a mirror of who they can become. Not only will you feel better but you will give hope to another. The Moon is in Aries and void until 7:28 PM EST, and while you may have a strong desire to move forward, things may not catch on or show much staying power now. The Sun and Saturn are moving towards a square, exact tomorrow, and there can be a feeling of blockage or a heightened awareness of responsibilities and limitations. The Moon enters Taurus at 7:28 PM, so that slowing down and exercising patience is a little easier tonight.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Until we change the basic grounds of humanity, terrorism is going to become more and more a normal, everyday affair… The first thing that has to be changed is that man should be more rejoicing – which all the religions have killed.


Fear is a tool of institutions of control. When you can control a person with fear you can move and direct them in the way that your ego wants. It is a conscious form of manipulation. To combat fear you have to remember that everyone is moving to the same dance of humanity, it is just that they prefer to dance to a different tune than you. There is no need to be afraid if you can look beyond the differences and feel into the heart of another. What has happened in our society and of all of humanity at different times is that we become so consumed with our own desires, needs, and wants that we forget about others. When you move from your own selfishness you create gaps of energy and support. Then those that are suffering may feel as if to get attention they have to do something extreme. Lack and not feeling supported and loved creates hatred, anger, and rage. Look inside and try to send love right now out to those that you do not know. Acknowledge that outside of your small and narrow reality that there are others who need a great deal and at the very least you can send them love and not forget them in your meditations or prayers.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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