October 11, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 10/12/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/12/15

October 12th is the number 3. The number 3 shows an uptick and a positive trend in the energy and changes that are rapidly happening now. The New Moon goes into Libra and everything now is about finding that illusive balance that has been slipping through your fingers for the past few months. And that New Moon is going to oppose Uranus so expect the unpredictable and the unusual. Those changes should come at your very quickly so get ready. The number 3 is already like a wild ride on a good day so with this energy combining with the astrology I expect great things, unexpected things, and the unusual surprising you in a variety of ways. Where I do get nervous with all this astrology/numerology is in the world arena. My concerns go to Israel, Syria, Russia, and the European Commonwealth. I hope that cool heads reign and that Libra’s quality of negotiation and diplomacy will keep the “crazies” from escaping and reeking havoc on the world stage. With the new Moon on the 12th we get the consciousness shift we are all longing for. The game now is new directions and new courage as the old self you now recognize has outlived its usefulness by a lot. Yes, it is always difficult to let go of ego patterns that were so carefully constructed to keep you safe and in your bubble but that bubble has burst in a massive way and now there is only relief as the old dies and the new is reborn. Venus and Regulus together are challenging you to attempt your greatest feats. The moon is attempting to make you feel into places that have been sabotaging your dreams and kick you out of the old world and into the place of your deepest passion. Mars and Jupiter are starting to conjunct. And Mars is opposing Neptune so you are going to have to take action but from the place of needing to be guided by a deeper intuitive self. It is about learning to relax and allow rather than force and push. This draws new and powerful relationships into our life and big decisions related to those relationships because of the square with Saturn. Your self worth issues will be up big time. This is the moment when you have to claim that you have value and worth and that you deserve to feel better and have a different life.

On Monday the 12th with that New Moon, there will be a big radical forward movement. A new identity has been born in the fires of the past few months’ destruction. The best news is that you no longer care what someone thinks. You have to own your truth and then stand in it and live from it. You are being asked to let go of the past and embrace a new reality even when you don’t know what that will look like.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Are you telling the truth about what you feel? What you know? Who you are? Or, are you sugar coating the truth to yourself and others to avoid hurting their feelings and putting yourself on the spot? When you do not tell the truth, the lie controls your life.

~Iyanla Vanzant~


May I just again say how amazing humanity is and the game that we have all enrolled in on this planet. It is a marvel how we dream, we desire, we imagine how to create something, we create amazing things from our dreams, we manifest them, they become the normal for so much of humanity, and we somehow in all of that do not completely understand that matrix, that mechanism, that drive, and that intent to make things better in the world. And, yes, I have to say here that there are also those who want to create suffering, power, money, and influence. Some what do create from a selfish model that is not highly evolved but even that triggers change and a feeling or uproar, that forces a shift. Even those that are doing things from ego are also tools of the divine to catapult something into the conscious awareness. Even if that thing they create manifests as great hardship, great evil, or great pain to others. Everything here has a cumulative domino effect until a shift happens. There is a threshold that consciousness will no longer tolerate. Then powerful forces join together to make another pattern unfold. Take a look today at what you are co-creating. Are you aligning with the forces that have a positive intent that manifests as a change that categorically improves life on this planet or not. Your thoughts are the hints at where your energy is either leaking out and sabotaging your world and the world of others or supporting a massive change whose time has come.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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