October 1, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 10/2/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 10/2/15

October 2nd is the number 11. Duality abounds and many of you feel as if “the crazies” in your head have taken over your world. Use the number 2 to help your mind incorporate all that you have learned in a final push for understanding and integration. This Neptune/Saturn opposition is relentless in making us look at if our dreams and the reality can combine. Neptune is a larger planet and has more gravitational pull than Saturn but Saturn is a planet that does not give up either. You are questing to bring together these crazy pieces so that you can have some sort of direction and insight. But with all of this stress and strain it seems almost better to let the old world burn down and allow a new world to formulate itself in some way. Life is feeling a bit like you are on a bi-polar bing, swinging between the sobriety of Saturn and the addiction of Neptune. The square between these two big power players in the sky becomes exact on November 26th. The key is to get through this is Virgo’s efficiency, and Libra’s desire for balance. Good luck with all that however because the tendency for those to battle each other also rather than come into harmony is high. The Moon is in inquisitive Gemini all day, and there can be more than the usual movement today. Your emotions are in a state of change and flux, but you may not be in strong touch with your deeper needs. Siblings, relatives, or neighbors and community involvement are especially important to your emotional well-being under a Gemini Moon. You adapt easily to change, and in fact you crave surprise, novelty, and intelligent responses in others. The Sun and Moon harmonize this morning, and in Air signs, you are generally cooperative, sociable, expressive, and versatile or flexible.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Every good fortune,

Wives, friends, houses, lands,

All these gifts and riches…

They are a dream,

A juggling act,

A traveling show!

A few days, and they are gone.



Wherever there is desire,

There is the world.

With resolute dispassion

Free yourself from desire,

And find happiness.

~ Ashtavakra Gita (10.2-3)~



What would happen if you moved through life with no desire or attachment? What if you just followed the flow and your heart. Yes, I know that all of us have schedules and agreements to keep. Yes, I know you have to plan things in advance. But instead of contracting down on things with a sense of dread and making others happy, what if you just made yourself happy instead? Live your life from a place of doing what spontaneously makes you happy. Not from a place of what you want but from a place that is authentic and congruent to who your inner essence asks you to become. Today, give that a try. Allow the magic and miracles to happen and find your organic flow.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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