October 31, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/1/15
We made it to November 1st! Yea! I hope you had fun will all your friends and family over the holiday. Numerologically speaking, today is the number 11. So all that candy may be giving you a hangover and this morning might not feel as great as yesterday. But that is the patterns of life. We always have to grow and expand in ways but then life will contract again reminding us that we have human bodies and that you have to take care of them. With the Moon in Cancer, there is a need for quiet and the feeling of home and family is strong. You feel protective of those you love and are inclined towards a gentle approach to problems. Your intuition is strong so listen to it.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Life is not for the serious; for the serious is the grave. Life is for those who are festive, who know how to celebrate.

I hope you celebrated in a grand way and had lots of fun. If you blink you might just have life pass over you very quickly and then one day you realize that you have been so focused on work, money, and getting things done that you forgot to have fun. Fun is what makes life worth living. It is those crazy moments that you remember when you are old and reminiscing. Think of it like this, now is the time to make those long term memories otherwise when you get old you will be a boring old person repeating the same story over and over again. Today, make some new long-term memories. Plan the trip of your life, go on a trail that you have never been on, discover some beautiful road that you did not know was there. Volunteer at the zoo. Whatever it is just have some fun and make a great memory that will last you a long time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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