December 20, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/20/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/20/14

Today we are in the number 12/3. The fires are burning bright with optimism as we enter into the number 3 day. Regardless of what is coming your way you are full of energy and enthusiasm and there is an expansion of possibilities. You will feel brave and emboldened as you feel into the surprising sensitive self-expression that this day gives. Then when you add that the Moon is in Sagittarius all day you will feel as if you faith in yourself has returned and expansion is the name of the game. In truth it is not as cut and dried, as it seems. There are complications that just might diminish that optimism but at least not for today. Sometimes it is all in the angle of perception. Just remember that not everyone shares your opinions. Try to look at things as if you are fine-tuning rather than feeling like you have to blow things up and you will get further along the path with less upset. While there is a lot going on astrologically today, it’s a better time for tying up loose ends, and not for new beginnings. Early today, Mercury sextiles Neptune, opening up your mind to possibilities that you don’t normally entertain. This is soft, fluid energy. However, Venus aligns with Pluto and squares Uranus today, and you might feel like you are difficult to please as desires and whims emerge powerfully. Be careful that you do not demand more from your relationships than they are willing to give, as it will create resentment. Today is not the day to make financial decisions. Tonight, Mars, already in progressive and inventive Aquarius, harmonizes with Aquarian ruler, Uranus. These planets are currently in mutual reception and performing especially well as it is. With this connection, you can see exactly what needs changing. Tomorrow’s New Moon can redirect your energy and interests, but tonight, you are in good shape for knowing what you need to discard in order to move forward.
~Suzanne Wagner~



We must face up to the old emotions of resentment, anger, jealousy or blame that we are holding on to. We must notice when we are telling that same disempowering story on repeat. We must catch our inner critic when it beats the crap out of us. And we must choose to make a shift.

~Connie Chapman~


Pretending that everything is all “Jolly and Good” actively suppresses the deeper emotions and buries the dark emotions in those hidden places that become more and more difficult to discover as you get older. Today try to actively look at the fluff and positive spin you are putting on things in order to make yourself feel better. Again, optimism is an essential piece of the puzzle in order to have happiness and a life that is authentic and full. But some of us, at times, rely on that positive spin as a way to avoid deep feelings of inadequacy and our hidden wounds that we have not yet healed. The deeper the wound the more intense the spin and the more extreme this becomes. The reason I point this out is because of observing people as they age. If they have not dealt with a particular issue then as they get older it becomes more and more extreme. This can eventually make it come to a point where it is so surreal that it begins to become extreme in its position. Anything that is pushed to an extreme becomes clear to many around you as off or false. It is essential to remember that working on staying positive is important but laying a false identity upon a huge wound never feels authentic and more importantly if others cannot recreate that truth on their own or without your presence then it is not actually grounded in the reality in which you live. Practice acceptance and loving all of the events in your life. There is no need to put a spin on them. The truth is beautiful enough.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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