December 23, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/23/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/23/14

On Monday we are in the number 15/6. As the number 6 is about noticing and becoming one with your spiritual self, it makes send that this is a number where you become aware of needing to take responsibility for all your choices. Now, I do mean all. What I mean is that before you came down here you wanted to break into some awareness of understanding of your deeper connection to the divine order of things. Some lessons and skills are all about shattering out of illusion and ego. In order to do that you will have intense moments where you will feel as if your world is shattered. Cracking opens hearts and shattering egos are essential for having emotional depth and to finding grace under pressure. I must admit that I am better for all the intense experiences I have had. I did not say I enjoyed all of them but I can see the value in the journey to become a lover of all that humanity has to offer. Balance is essential to finding acceptance about your choices and your life. It is part of the pathway to becoming a teacher. Without the capacity to be selfless you will not be able to related to others suffering. You must become curious about life and more importantly your life. It is a mosaic of wonder and subtlety. Let the number 6 give you the stillness to discover the magic in your life right now. Saturn enters Sagittarius today! Yea! Can I hear a global sigh of relief. It will transit until June 14th, 2015,(Where it will go retrograde into Scorpio. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.) and then from September 17, 2015 to December 20, 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to take on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these. This is a time for turning a critical eye to those beliefs and principles that don’t accurately reflect our authentic selves. We’ll begin to see clearly where excessive or irresponsible behavior has cost us time, energy, and happiness. This is a time for making clear choices and decisions, for weeding out what isn’t working and for letting go of lost causes. Sagittarius can be a little “messy” in its pursuit of new knowledge and experiences, and Saturn wants to clean this up. If we’ve become too moralistic, we may be challenged to walk the talk and practice what we preach. The Moon is in Capricorn most of the day, until 9:53 PM EST, when it enters Aquarius.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Two Ways to Happiness

There are two ways to create happiness. The first is external. By obtaining better shelter, better clothes, and better friends we can create a certain measure of happiness and satisfaction. The second is through mental development, which yields inner happiness. However, these two approaches are not equally viable. External happiness cannot last long without its counterpart. If something is lacking in your perspective – if something is missing in your heart – then despite the most the most luxurious surroundings, you cannot be happy. However, if you have peace of mind, you can find happiness even under the most difficult circumstances.

Material advancement alone sometimes solves one problem but creates another. For example, certain people may have acquired wealth, a good education, and a high social standing, yet happiness eludes them. They take sleeping pills and drink too much alcohol. Something is missing, something still not satisfied, so these people take refuge in drugs or in a bottle. On the other hand, some people who have less money to worry about enjoy more peace. They sleep well at night. Despite being poor in a material sense, they are content and happy. This shows the impact of a good mental attitude. Material development alone will not fully resolve the problem of humanity’s suffering.

~His Holiness The Dalai Lama~


Over and over again, it all comes back to attitude, faith in yourself, and a deep knowing that everything in your life has a meaning and purpose, even if you do not like it. In my life, there have been so many moments when someone told me that I could not do one thing or another. I learned at a young age that no one really knows what you are capable of except you. You cannot wait for open invitations to dance into your life. You have to choose to step on to that floor and make your own rhythm and if need be, your own music. Throughout my life, I have noticed that it was another’s fear about his or her own ability to leap into the unknown that was projected onto another. My decision was to not believe people words, especially if what you want to accomplish is not what they have managed to do. If you feel a projection of their fear and that fear is stronger than their faith, then it is always better to believe in yourself and your own dreams. You may not accomplish what you originally thought you were going for but this is how the universe shapes and molds you into the appropriate form that is your unique expression.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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