December 23, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/24/15
December 24th is the number 8. As this is a day to reflect, take a moment to connect energetically with those that we have lost over the past year. Whether you lost people, situations, or jobs, just think to where you were on January 1st of 2015 and see how much has happened, how far you have grown, and how much you have shifted your perception of the world, your life, and who you know yourself to be. It is okay to grieve the old to clear the way for the new to come in. It is okay to feel into the enormous amount of transformation that has happened. Then take a moment to tell yourself how brave you are, how kind you have tried to be during one of your most challenging times, and how you will never give up on your own personal journey of evolution. Remember Uranus turns around tomorrow (on Christmas Day) and right now the energy is going to act like a Mercury retrograde where things, plans, timing, computers, and schedules are going to get disrupted. You are being asked to get ready for a new type of personal freedom. So on one side there is the disruptive influence of Uranus getting ready to leap forward so expect the children (and a few adults) to be a bit more excited than usual. But then there is the Full Moon this evening in Cancer and it will also be full into Christmas Day and that is going to ramp up the emotions also but make them very family oriented and hopefully in a very connected sort of way. Remember to be kind and to not show dashed expectations on your face. Feel into the heart and soul of the person not necessarily what the gift is but what the heart behind the gift is trying to say. Venus forms a sextile with Jupiter this morning. Optimistic spiritual energy is brought to your interactions and relationships. You tend to connect to a higher purpose regarding your personal relationships and will attach great meaning to them. You may enjoy a feeling of well-being or ease now. You will feel freer with your affections. You will also feel more generous. This is also a favorable transit for entertaining and socializing (perfect for the holidays). The Moon is in Gemini all day, increasing your curiosity and willingness or desire to communicate and express your ideas. A Moon-Mars trine this afternoon encourages enthusiastic exchange of ideas, although later. Tonight, emotions heighten as the energy moves towards that Full Moon.
~Suzanne Wagner~

If you were to treat your family like the huge spiritual family that they truly are, how would you act and react over the next two days? Know that family has been and will be your family over and over again. Know that you all agreed to help each other learn some very tough lessons in this life. Look at them with the eyes of awakened recognition. See the soul who risked everything to be with you, help you, and motivate you with positive and negative energy so you would become your deepest and most powerful essential self. For this holiday, see beyond the veil of their human self and into the deepest connections that have existed beyond time and space. Honor each in the way that they can receive your love. This holiday do not give what you need to give to feel good but give what others need to open and to feel loved and appreciated.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Reach out and touch those from your past that impacted you greatly. Make a phone call and come back to your youthful, fun, and excited self this holiday. Become young and joyous in the celebration of the meaning of family. Know that family is bigger than blood. Family are those who have come to your aid at the most critical times. Family are those who held your hand when you were the most frightened. Family are those that you shared your deepest secrets with. Even if you cannot find them, close your eyes and send them love and appreciation for being such a critical part of your life and your journey. Also see who considers you family. Where have you been just the right person in the right place, at the right time? In that moment of compassion and presence you have given hope to others also. Remember, those moments. Feel into the huge heart and love that you are, and then let that generous energy within expand a bit more this holiday season.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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