January 30, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 1/30/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/30/15

Today is the number 21/3. This is a day to socialize and to enjoy sports. Your enthusiasm might be infectious but it also might trigger others who are not so demonstrative so know how to read the signals being given off by others so you know how to appropriately respond to the situations surfacing. Tap into the potential that this number brings to your energy and allow your natural charisma to show your intuitive, loving, and affectionate nature. Hold the position that you do not assume anything, you are just putting out energy and seeing what opens and what flows naturally. Make sure you call people back today and follow through with all emails and communications. Let the discussions happen and do your best to not argue, as it will be a waste of time. If you escalate then others will also escalate. Trust me, it is not worth it. When you hold an open position you will find the right people who want to support your ideas and agenda. We all need supporters and those who we know have our back. Today you begin to feel like you are no longer standing alone and this will give you courage to continue on. Be calm, not cocky. Be ambitious but not egotistic. Early into the day, Venus squares Saturn, and there can be increased sensitivity to rejection as well as stiffness with the affections. There are some big reality checks happening so stay calm and keep your center. This morning, Mars sextiles Pluto, and you will be more able to focus on your goals. Mercury retrograde aligns with the Sun, bringing illumination to your thoughts. This is a good time for processing recent events and ideas, and for beginning to look at problems or issues from a new perspective and with a new understanding. Significant new ideas can be birthed at this time and these are likely to have real staying power or importance in your life. What we say or write now has impact in some way. The Moon is in Gemini all day.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Quantum physics tell us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what he or she sees.

~Neale Donald Walsch~


Do you realize that your life is the manifestations of a constant self-fulfilling prophesy? Your thoughts are shaping your reality. You are doing it right now. Do you have internal self-discipline and conscious focus to be able to really create a life that fills you with wonder and delight? Or are you holding on to the past grievances that lock you into the places of negative thought and emotional despair. If your life is reflecting the darker energies then you have to go seeking the darker thoughts that are coloring your reality. I had a client of mine who had a childhood of great opulence and excess. He had years of drug treatment and rehab and the truth was that he was fascinated by the dark side of the force. He would go out at night and people watch. He would people watch those that were doing the activities that existed in the shadow worlds of life. He would drive around and look for the drug dealers, what was happening on the streets, he would watch the prostitutes, etc. He could not stop his fascination around the intensity of the drug world. So it was no small wonder that he would constantly get pulled back into that world. This is why therapists for addicts tell them that they have to completely step away from their old world. What ever you feed grows. If you constantly look to the dark side then that is what you find. When you train yourself to look at the light side then eventually you will find light in everything rather than darkness. Remember, in all darkness is light and in all light is dark. You never deny one side or the other but you can choose how you color your world and where you prefer to stand in this world and where you want to create the greatest impact.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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