March 9, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 3/8/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/9/15

Today is the number 20. Does it feel like everyone you know is in need of help and support? Are you trying to be of service to others but feel as if you don’t have all your energy to work with or your own center. Well, welcome to the club. This is an intense month and the drama seems to be escalating as we get to the last of 7 squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Personally I can’t wait till it is over. There are things that you just cannot seem to do in the time and way that you want. Do not let this energy make you fall into the state of negative mind. Regardless of how things are pulling at you, try to maintain a state of peace and inner balance. These aspects are making everyone overly sensitive and extremely emotional and the mind (the number 2) wants to fix it and figure something out. But today is not the day where the mind can understand the complex figuring that this moment has created. Avoid hasty decisions and instead slow down. Your mind is going to hate that but that is the only answer possible right now. Nothing will seem to make sense so just work on inner balance and allow your spirit to rejuvenate and collect the energy it is going to need to keep going for the next few weeks. The Moon continues its transit of Libra until 9:11 AM EDT, when it enters Scorpio. While the Moon is in Scorpio, you will be fascinated with what others tend to repress and you will be drawn to experiencing and understanding new things. You will try to avoid important issues and in some ways you may feel attracted to crisis. Things right now are transformative and emotionally exciting. You feel extreme emotions right now. Mars is approaching a trine to Jupiter, exact early into the day tomorrow. You are more decisive and enterprising. It’s a great time to think up an exciting new plan or challenge and you can be moved to take action to better your life. Today you possess willpower, verve, and energy that you can direct toward achieving your goals. Positive attitudes create winning situations, and you can enjoy friendly competition.
~Suzanne Wagner~



I have chosen to stand in my Power. I have chosen to speak out and Sing the Song of my Birth, the Song of my Destiny, the Song that Connects me to Every living thing, I am Awakening, I am Emerging, Powerful Woman, as strong as the Sea see my Shining, see me most Radiant for I have chosen to Remember and be Powerful and Glorious Knowing and Compassionate Woman Reborn in my choice to be Free

~’The Heart of Love’ – Mary Magdalene Speaks~


Madonna – Open your Heart



This month the stress hormone levels are high and as such it is essential for those aware and conscious enough to become the most stable energy possible. You are here to be the center and the ground for your friends and family. I know that right now, you are also not feeling great but regardless practice center and balance. It is the only way. When energy is intensely chaotic and disruptive is when you have to hold on tight to tools that give you the stability that is being required to navigate the storm right now. For women when the stress hormones are raging the sex hormones go by the wayside. That is okay but just notice if you are shutting down or if you are aware and attempting to practice staying open regardless of the situation. The time to practice opening is exactly when you do not want to open. And that time is now. First cultivate balance and a more peaceful center. From there open your energy and allow the flow of life force to guide you along the path to the next series of lessons. You can do this. You have tools inside to assist you. You only need to remember to use them.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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