April 24, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 4/25/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/25/16

4/25/16 is the number 20. With the number 20 it is time to acknowledge that within you is both good and evil. You must now make conscious choices to attain balance in your life. This is no longer a request but a necessity. Your aim is to find the wise use of time. When you are willing to do that you will be given greater spiritual dimension and a new depth to your perceptive qualities will emerge. Why would the universe give you more if you are not using what you have been given right now? You can get angry that you have to change or you can choose to change. You can make yourself sick so you don’t have to grow up or you can just allow yourself to grow and move upwards in your life. If you look at both of those you can see how much resistance you have in the anger and sickness and then can you see how much easier it just is to let go and do what is right in front of you. We waste so much time and energy in resisting what is just the natural course of all life. Everything in life is designed to adapt and change to the constantly changing environment. Use the swing of the duality of the number 2 and allow the magnification of the number 0 to propel you out of the old place and into something new and different. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day, stimulating your spontaneous and curious side. You will feel drawn to new situations of conquest or adventure. You will require less prompting than usual to get moving and to experience life. Bored with the mundane, anything that breaks the routine is appealing now. With the Moon squaring Jupiter and Neptune, and then aligning with Saturn, you may be wrestling with expectations you have held in the past. Let them go as they are not going to work out the way you expected. Overdoing or overstating something may be a symptom of the inner restlessness and your desire to attach more meaning to past situations in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Being a good person does not mean you have had an easy life. It often means that you have had very difficult moments that broke your heart open and allowed you to see your priorities and how you are a part of this amazing world.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Why are we so afraid to claim our life? Why is it that when the universe presents us with the truth of our potential again and again, we fall back into the lie that we told ourself that does not allow us to grow? Why do you believe the negative voice in your head over the positive voices and reflections that surround you? And finally why do you continue to put the energy into maintaining a false self that makes you miserable anyway? Step into the center of the light within your essence that knows the way. Step out of the shadows of the distorted ego perceptions that you believe whether they are from others or yourself. Do not waste this precious life waiting. Life is open and ready for you to dive into. But it is you that must decide to leap past your limited ego and into the infinite possibilities that is your true self.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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