June 4, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 6/5/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/5/15
Today is the number 10. After so much stress and strain this day gives a bright light in the intensity that has been happening. Now in general it is a fiery month but with the Venus in Leo you have some energy and a more optimistic attitude to help compensate for the other aspects that are still straining the system. It is a new beginning with the number 10. There is power in a willingness to try new things and to make conscious changed. The Moon is in Capricorn all day. Venus enters Leo today, where it will transit until July 18th. (It will return to the sign after first entering Virgo and then turning retrograde, from July 31st to October 8th.) Today you will take pride in your relationships, money, or taste while Venus is in Leo. This is a warmhearted, teasing, expressive, proud, and extravagant placement for Venus. You will feed on attention, acknowledgement, validation, and adoration. Venus in Leo loves to be adored, pampered, and admired. You have a strong ego investment in your love life during this period. The negative expressions of this placement include overstating your feelings simply for the effect, as well as extravagance. The Sun forms a quincunx with Pluto today, and this can point to indecisiveness about how to approach a matter, or the need to let something go or make a change in order to further your psychological growth. Mars forms a sextile to Jupiter, however, which can help in the decision-making department, and can boost your confidence. You are more willing to take a healthy risk or to take on new challenges. There is enthusiasm in your approach. You are also moving towards a Venus-Saturn trine, exact shortly into the day tomorrow. Maturity with others allows you to take the bad with the good, and finds you seeing your relationships more realistically. Small advances can be made in business and in partnerships through strengthening and bonding. Renewed ties to old friends are possible, or a new sense of responsibility can be felt in existing friendships. Your business sense is good.
~Suzanne Wagner~
In wildness is the preservation of the world.

~Henry David Thoreau~

There is so much going on and it is a great idea to tap into the flow of the force of change happening today. Discover the hidden skills and talents that do not show up until you need them. Remember that there is so much potential hidden within you and life must create situations to help you discover that you are so much more than you presently perceive. Life right now is a rip current and that current is going to drag you into deeper waters. Resisting the flow is only going to get you exhausted and scared. Stay calm, move parallel to the shore and you will eventually be able to make your way back to a more solid reality than the one you left.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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