July 6, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/15
Today is the number 4. The calming effect of the neutral number 4 combined with intuitive quality of the Pisces Moon gives you a doorway to acceptance and a new level of calm. That is greatly needed right now as the word for these last couple of weeks would be “intense”. So a bit of surrender and acceptance is the ticket to a new reality. When you try and try and regardless of your best of intentions it does not flow then there is something missing a critical piece in the puzzle of your life that are needing to be addressed. Those things cannot be gotten to by pushing. It is only when you are in a calm and accepting state that you can discover the deeper and hidden meaning to the complex circumstances of your life. The Moon continues its transit of Pisces until 12:38 PM EDT, when it enters pioneering, impulsive Aries. With the Sun parallel Mercury today, you are more inclined to communicate, clarify, and think things through. You give more importance to your mental faculties now. However, tonight’s Mercury-Saturn quincunx can point to some uncertainty and the need to double-check your facts. Communication challenges can make it hard to get a point across, as much as you’d like to. Delays, “red tape”, and vague feelings of forgetting important details can be issues to deal with now.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Do not let your shadow walk you. You are not a slave of the past.


Sometimes when you walk outside your shadow is behind you. Sometimes it is in front of you and sometimes you cannot seem to see it at all. This is the metaphor for today. If your shadow is your past and it is the slave that chains you to your past. Where is your shadow presently? If it is behind you then you have not let your past go and that past is dragging behind you pulling at your energy and draining you. If your shadow is in front of you then you are trying to recreate your past in the future. But you can never go back and the past is there to give you tools, insight, and awareness. But life is about learning to not color the future with your past experiences. When you want what you used to have you will waste a lot of time pushing to recreate those experiences and that is incredibly draining. I met a person many years ago who was raised by a billionaire father that was murdered and then he had a stepfather that wanted to live the high lifestyle and spent all of the son’s inheritance on himself and his lifestyle, when the stepfather died there was nothing left. This man was forever living with his shadow in front. He wanted what was promised to him and could never live in the moment because of his expectation of what he believed he deserved but was cheated from having. Life is about being in the present moment and having your past walk with you but not drag behind or force you to reach beyond your means by having your shadow constantly in your mind so that you cannot enjoy the moment. What would be even better would be to have your angelic light be so bright that the shadow disappears entirely and your past is not even a factor of who you have become anymore. When you learn to let the past go entirely and just be the light that you are the need to tell your story disappears and is no longer necessary.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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