September 9, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/10/15

September 10th is the number 9. It is time to reclaim your faith in yourself and the world. Take a look at who you really are. I mean, who you “really” are. How do you move your energy in the world? Now stop judging that and stop expecting yourself to be different than who you are. Who you are is perfect. It has always been perfect. If that means that you will breathe your last breath doing what you feel compelled to do in this life than so be it. Stop trying to become something that you are not. That only wastes the precious energy of your life. The feeling that compels you is the purpose of your life. That feeling is what brought you here to the planet. That feeling is what keeps you alive and gives your life meaning. Stop fighting your essence and trust that when you just allow that power to move through you, you are protected. Not in the way you think but in the way that your life follows a course that guides you to the doorways and gifts that inspire your dreams and create your next life. So be kind at all costs. Be honest and true. Do not avoid the path that is constantly presenting in your life. Because when you do you are not gathering up all the goodness that can power your soul’s progression. The Moon is in theatrical Leo all day, and you will feel hungry for a touch of drama, passion, and color in your life. The Moon’s trine to Uranus and alignment with Mars keep things flowing spontaneously. Warmth, generosity, pride, and a sense for the dramatic are hallmarks of a Leo Moon. Creativity blossoms, you tend to be more romantic and generous with your feelings, and you take pride in your accomplishments. While it can certainly be a feel-good, energetic day, a Sun-Saturn quintile can help you keep your feet on the ground. This is an industrious energy that assists you in creating order out of chaos and brings common sense strongly into the equation.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Every change of mind is first of all a change of heart.”

~The 14th Dalai Lama~




Become one with your heart and let the thinking go today. You have an obligation to the Divine wisdom within your being. You have a calling to your potential and when you follow that you step into the leadership position for your life. Karma comes at you when you avoid the truth of your existence. When you are not aligned with your soul and essential potential you are at the whim of karma. Karma is there to guide you back to who you were intended to become. Can you see that when you stop resisting your life then karma evaporates and the harsh lessons diminish exponentially? Life will always be a challenge but resisting life, your life, is a pointless endeavor.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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