September 28, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 9/29/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 9/29/15

September 29th is the number 10. Thank goodness we are past the numerological “dark night of the soul” and have passed into the space of New Beginnings, as well as, being finally past the eclipse energy. During this pass of so many planetary energies we have had much good and much bad. Eclipses are all about death and rebirth and that last one was a doozy. Looking in the external world we had the wonderful touch of Pope Francis to remind us that in our hearts we are all one and we had the Dalai Lama have to cancel his American trip because of health issues and in the Mayo Clinic to stabilize this other wonderful man of spiritual energy and light. A perfect example of the duality that all of us have been feeling. There is great good in the world but this pattern is a reminder that none of us are immune to the ravages of time and age. It is time for all of us to look ahead and plan for the inevitable future where (at this point) we should know that circumstances would catch us off guard. This morning’s semi-square between retrograde Mercury and Venus occurred on August 28th while Mercury was direct. You can be sensitive to what’s said or not said now, and can also have some difficulty focusing on work or facts. Tonight, Mercury forms a quincunx with Neptune. (The Sun and Mercury will meet tomorrow and the Sun will also form a quincunx to Neptune.) You may be revisiting a past decision, possibly with some regret or guilt. It can be difficult to combine logic and intuition in a cohesive manner. Alternatively, You may be daydreaming at the expense of productivity and clear communication.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively,

~Bob Marley~


As the sun rules me, eclipses can hit me like a ton of bricks because eclipses always include the sun and moon. I am just grateful that this cycle is over. Not only have I been busy with many struggling with this energy but I also felt this breaking down of the old to rebuild the new frustrating and challenging. The added Mercury retrograde did not help in the communication of feelings and ideas. Misunderstandings seemed to happen regardless of how consistent and clear any of us tried to be. It is in moments like this that vulnerability and authentic emotions can sometimes break through others walls and defensive postures. Everyone has their own feelings that they have to deal with in all exchanges and encounters. Mistakes happen when you are not aware of what you are feeling and when you block or shut down authentic expression then others feel not received, heard, or understood. Those moments become places to breath, go slow, try again, and find the words that open hearts.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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