October 2, 2015

Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, End of 2015, 2016, and into 2017

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Okay with so much craziness going around I needed to dive into the astrology for myself.

Since I found that journey enlightening I am sharing it with all of you also.

Let’s go into the makeup of Saturn in Sagittarius and the square between Saturn and Neptune that is the energy causing some of the multitude of issues right now. The question to ask yourself is: “What side are you on?” Notice the broadness of that question and that is because it needs to cover all the things that you believe.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been one of those patterns that cause religious wars and upsets. Religions intensify under its presence, especially over the next year.

Do your beliefs actually feel like they are guiding you to the right place? Do your beliefs on the outside and your internal gut sense actually match? There is a lot of pressure to expand your reality so that you know you are listening to something on the other side and that you are completely congruent and aligned with that. The greater world stage and your internal world stage are going to be battling as to what is true and what is right.

Saturn wants to do the old school, the old ways, the old wisdom. But in this dance Saturn is not the biggest planet. In the battle of mass and gravitational pull, Neptune is a bigger planet compared to Saturn. And Jupiter squaring is also bigger than Saturn.

Neptune in Pisces wants to dissolve old structures and beliefs.

Saturn wants to build real life structures that will stand the test of time.

Saturn in Sagittarius is all about getting real about what you believe, getting grounded about your mission and purpose, and recognizing that it is time to learn some new skills so you can showcase your talents and abilities. Under this aspect there will be a sorting of real from illusion, dreams from delusion, and reality from non-reality.

The tendency to want to fall into the illusion of Neptune is strong but the struggle that Saturn brings makes you want to revisit what can and will work in this new and unfolding reality.

Just to make a point, Saturn will square Neptune on Nov 26th (right before Thanksgiving). That is going to make the holidays quite problematic. I personally would advise a nice quiet small Thanksgiving Holiday as the tension of these two planets may create arguments and upsets at the dinner table about politics, religion, etc. Sometimes you just might want to avoid creating more problems by keeping life and this holiday simple. Because Saturn is going to go halfway through Sagittarius before the end of the year there is a huge growth curve and a tremendous amount of change that will be happening during that short period of time.

Also to add to the drama the North and South Node are going to be in the Virgo/Pisces flow pretty much the whole time of 2016 and this is going to make things feel like they are all over the place. What the universe is trying to show you is that you can traverse all over the place to gather up the information you need to expand. You already feel like you have gone to the edge of the universe with the Pluto/Uranus Square. So you don’t need to do that but what you do need to do is find the place that brings us true happiness and true story book adventure in your life. The only way to do that is to see where you are unconscious about certain aspects within yourself and where you need to learn to use your skill sets better.

In 2017 Jupiter will be in Libra and it will be all about finding the balance in your relationships and if you have the correct people in your life to help you move forward. Having the right people is critical and essential to having your dreams manifest in the reality.

2016 is going to feel like things are chaotic and all over the place. Like a child learning how to make a drawing with colors. You are going to be trying things out. You are going to be challenged to see if you can truly hold up to what your beliefs are.

Having a belief is no longer going to be enough. You are going to have to prove your point and position. And if you can’t, your reality is going to get torn apart by those who can see past your delusion.

What is interesting is that if you believe you want to open and you believe in your ability to be adaptable and change then you will find that hard doors will open. But if you believe that you cannot change, don’t want to change, or refuse to change and want to believe that the world is going to fall apart then you will find your world falling apart. If you believe that all doors are closed then you will get some hard lessons that those doors are going to be very closed. Thank Neptune for that one.

Believe it or not for all this drama and conversation, Saturn in Sagittarius is lighter than what we have lived through with the Saturn in Scorpio. But it will show you where you are lazy and not in alignment with truth or where you are willing to grow, change, learn, and evolve into mastership.

I like to think of this as the transition from Gandalf the Grey into Gandalf the White. Here is Gandalf is slipping into the abyss with the demon. He fights all the way down, never doubting himself, never doubting his power and gifts, not thinking about living or dying but being fully in the moment. At the bottom he finally slays the demon and becomes his masterful self. That is the journey we are all on at this time. It feels like we are falling into the abyss. And we are. So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to collapse and just allow yourself to die or are you going to fight with the internal demons that keep you small and hidden from the magnificence of your life?

It is time to wrestle with your dark beliefs that are from another time and place and finally lay them down. You have to trust your core feelings and allow them to guide you through. You will discover in this journey where you have been being an idiot. But when you understand that you have the opportunity to step into your mastery. Only then from an illuminated place can you open the right doors to the greater reality.

Looking ahead (because I always think), “Forewarned is forearmed.” March 24th Saturn is going to go retrograde at 16 degrees of Sagittarius. This is going to be a very powerful time. Saturn is going to test you. Test your beliefs. It is no longer adequate for you to just have them because they are convenient. You have to know that they are true for you and in your life. Anything that is not true is going to be broken down. Saturn wants all of us to grow up in some way. How that is going to hit you is your personal journey. Saturn is going to show you where you are aiming in your life and if you’re aiming in the right place. If your belief in something isn’t strong enough, than Saturn will show you in no uncertain terms that you are in the wrong place. If your goal isn’t part of a long-term play it will disintegrate. The good news is that this is a master’s test for all of us in whatever way we have grown towards. This tests your ability to move your fire from thing to thing to thing. Sagittarius is a mutable fire, which means that things have to be constantly moving from one moment to the next to the next. You will have to learn to move, you will have to learn that there are million options possible out there in your life for you to choose. Things are no longer simple, they are in a constant state of flux and change as your energy moves or refuses to move. That choice will dictate the next levels of life lessons that will show up. If you think that you already have the answer and you think that you already have it all figured out, realize that that is completely not true. Saturn is going to confront your most cherished illusions and it will not allow you to hold onto a perspective that is not rooted in experience, real experience. Saturn is going to make some very hard transits over the next couple of years. 2016 is going to hold the most powerful and intense squares between Saturn and Neptune. The first one I spoke of on Nov 26th but there will be many more in 2016. This is going to be about dissolving the structures of your life, dissolving your beliefs and seeing if what you believe is truly aligned with your light and higher purpose.

Coming into the end of the year we are going to have a Trine in Mutability. They are going to be in the positions of old age, perception, and wisdom. It is time to become illuminated and open the all seeing eye in your life. It is time to become your vision and dream of who you really are and this is what this transit is attempting to do at this time. Just beware of if that eye you are seeing is the true all seeing eye or the Eye of Sauron! Thank you for listening.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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