September 2, 2015

2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium Interview with Angie Woodbury

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Who is Angie Woodbury?

I just love my team! This morning Angie Woodbury and I got to talk about her class at the 2015 Fall Wild Women Symposium on Being and Empath. Angie is our graphic artist for all our posters, flyers, banners, etc as well as being always there for us in any and every way we have needed her. This time around she is teaching a class on: 

I Feel You: A Basic Roadmap for the Empath 

Empath: A person who has the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another.   As women I believe we are all born with this subtle ability to sense others’ emotional bodies. The big difficulty comes when we have a hard time bringing into awareness, what emotions you are generating vs. what you are picking up from others. And by the end of the day, sometimes it seems to be a blended mess. This class is designed to take you into gentle awareness of your emotional body. Giving you several techniques to ground, clear, and shield your empathy body. As you put into practice stretching and feeling more comfortable in your Empath body. It is my hopes for this class that we honor it and let it guide us through everyday situations whether it be work life, home life, or social life in the most authentic of ways.


I hope you enjoy this video.

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