Numerology/Astrology for 3/28/19

3/28/19 is the number 7. What is your mission and purpose? I ask that question because your mission defines the strategy that you should move towards. And that strategy should define your structure. Right now in life, there are people in control of things that have a mission, but their strategy is contrary to that mission. I do not believe that they are really that dumb. I believe that they tell us the mission that the masses want to hear and then create a structure of what their real intentions are. That is why you have to look at someone’s actions, not their words. In the past, the words and sentences of those in power, defined the strategy and structure for the people to logically and emotionally follow. Chaos happens when the words and sentence structure of leaders are nebulous and uncertain. A lack of mental clarity amplifies the fear and uncertainty and that is exactly what they are after. You can control people out of fear when they are in chaos. You can get them to do horrific things out of a misplaced desire to protect. When in actuality, that same misplaced desire and reactiveness actually destroys the structures that maintain sanity, safety, and government.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We are in the Last Quarter Moon and there is an exact square between the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Capricorn. You can feel the building up of a crisis in morals and consciousness. Knowledge disperses in the chaos of opinion and sorting it all out becomes exhausting and complicated. We are all in labor attempting to give birth to something new. What that will be is up to each of us and our contributions to this world.

Today would not be the day to start something as we are attempting to complete things first.

Mercury turns direct this morning after being retrograde since March 5th. Those pesky problems that have been plaguing you for the last 3 weeks should slowly start to straighten out and move forward. Stalled things will finally begin to progress.

Expect a flood of feelings and energies to overtake your mind. While decision making is not the best today for large things today, know that you will want to take action but what type of action to take is what is at hand.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Then the next time you lose heart
and you can’t bear to experience
what you are feeling, you might recall
this instruction: change the way
you see it and lean in.
That’s basically the instruction
that Dzigar Kongtrül gave me.
And now I pass it on to you.
Instead of blaming our discomfort
on outer circumstances
or on our own weakness,
we can choose to stay present
and awake to our experience,
not rejecting it, not grasping it,
not buying the stories that we
relentlessly tell ourselves.
This is priceless advice that
addresses the true cause of suffering –
yours, mine, and that of all living beings.”
~Pema Chodron~
From her book Taking The Leap






How do we create a structure of organization when there is so much separation dividing us? Believe it or not that is the intention of those who are against healthy social structures. It is the only way to tear down that which limits their greed and desire for ultimate control and power. This is not new. The Romans did it. The Egyptians did it. It is a process that repeats endlessly in our world. It is an ultimate lesson that we all need to learn. The lesson to know when you are being manipulated by those who have no intention of sharing what they have with others but want to tear down all structures that generate equality. Part of being human is knowing how to step past that primal instinct of needing power and control. Even once you have it, you are unfulfilled and empty. That is because giving to others is what creates happiness and joy. I believe that the reason that humanity does not learn from the past is that there is a continuous supply of younger souls moving through the domain of human existence. And this is a critical thing to learn. And such a huge lesson needs to be experienced through choices, actions, and consequences, otherwise it will not really make sense. It would only be a philosophy rather than a deep and true understanding.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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