Poem – Flying into the Storm

We were dancers on tour, flying back east we intended to soar,

Gliding through the clouds, our hearts explored,

The thrill of flying, and an adventure in store,

Till two wind sheers hit, and the chaos roared.

Screaming, sounds of metal bending,

In the strong winds, our fears extending,

Tossed like leaves, our hearts suspending,

Prayers on their lips, our minds contending.

Down we go, our fate unknown,

Landing in a torrential rainstorm,

The plane shakes, the wings groan,

But we hold on tight, because we have to perform.

Fearful, yet safe, we land on ground,

Our hearts still racing, relief profound,

But we made it through, unknown courage was found,

We did not die, because angels surround.

We look at each other, because much has changed,

Something left and much rearranged,

We faced a challenge that took the deranged,

And let go of where we were feeling short-changed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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