Astrology for August 2019


Astrology for August 2019

Being in the time of Leo gives you the opportunity for a new warmer beginning. There is no doubt that each of us are still dealing with the emotional fall out of the July Eclipses. So, you probably are not quite feeling the way you wish you could at the beginning of the month.

But we are now in the warmth of the Leo Sun and the Lion’s Loving Heart. And it gives a sweet relief to the shadowy intensity of the July Mercury retrograde.

At the beginning of the month, Mercury is stationary as it comes out of retrograde. It is gathering up the energy and force to move forward at about the same time as Jupiter is going to station from the beginning of the month until it goes direct on August 12th.  And from that point forward.

August turns that frown upside down. You dance to a more upbeat tune and socially things improve dramatically. It feels like magical, cooling water from a spring that you desperately need to drink. So drink deeply, while it lasts. A desert lies in front of all of us from September forward. You are gathering up the supplies, magic, energy, and information that is going to be necessary to cross that desert.

If I read this correctly, the first 2 plus weeks, might be the best 20 days of the year, starting from the beginning of August.

Right now I am thinking of the Kundalini Yoga mantra, “I am bountiful, blissful, and beautiful!” It is a good one to work with this month.

Mercury is stationing direct in an opposition to Pluto. While it is attempting to inch forward, everyone and everything is in some transition. Some very karmic transitions. Expect agreements and negotiations to get a bit intense. Nothing is totally smooth and you really don’t know what to expect.

After all, there is just too much fire for relaxing comfort. It is more like being in a hot springs. August is detoxifying, exhilarating, expansive, and healing.

You are going through a tunnel and you do not know where it will lead.

No matter what you have to just trust.

Situations will happen that can change everything for you if you are willing to go into that tunnel. Changes have been happening again and again. These challenges are there to support your soul direction.

There is no denying the Plutonic destruction of the old, outdated, dilapidated, Saturnian, power structures that have clearly failed to protect the most innocent and vulnerable. It should prove to be very interesting in regards to all of that. But I believe we will see those consequences more from the fall into the winter.

Regardless of the positive energy flow of all this Leo-ness, I expect scandal, disgrace, and a fall from grace, of very powerful and influential people in the world. And watching some of them fall might be a great enjoyment from a lion’s perspective. Power games are all around and it might feel like you are living your own version of the Game of Thrones.

The Mars in Leo will conjunct the Sun on September 2nd and know that there is going to be a full blown explosion and confrontation with those that have lived lives of deception. But before we get there it is almost as if the Lord of August is creating a party and holding nothing back. He is creating a situation where things, truths, and real intentions will be revealed. Knowing all the while that Thespian battles are coming in September and October. That is probably why August may feel like a luxurious train ride. Yet, if you look out the window as it cruises along you will see a war zone and realize that you are going towards the front lines.

The square of Uranus in Taurus to the first few degrees of Leo, will catapult you energetically to make drastic changes. Especially if you are born in the early degrees from 0-10 in any of the fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio, Aries, and Aquarius. Or have other planets in the early degrees of those signs.

The first half of the month is pretty Hot! And I mean that in the spicy, sexual, sensual way. A type of relationship hot. Let that playful, warmth, make sexual expression joyful and connected. Let that creativity out.

That is because the Sun, Venus, and Mars are all moving through the sign of Leo. And right on that New Moon that happens on July 3oth. Know you are setting the stage for the next month. It will be important to choose well and choose wisely.

August 8th, Venus will Trine Jupiter. It will feel like you are in a “Barbie and Ken” world.

On August 14th, the Sun will conjunct Venus. Get ready for some enlivening disruptions.

I expect to see some big smiles on faces as it is a time of connecting, sharing joy, and fun. I also expect some knowing nods from those of us that have been seeing what is coming.

On August 15th, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, allowing your mind to see things that are bigger than you and help you define your inner circle. I do expect buttons to get pushed along the continuing upsets in the political arena and social circles.

Only a collective response will shift the tides.

This Full Moon opposes a Sun/Venus/Mars conjunction and trines a jubilant Jupiter. This brings a type of courage into your soul. Not the kind of courage that will make you run in front of speeding bullets, but the kind that makes you want to claim who you are in the world. Enlightenment is hunting all of us. Those that are sensitive can feel it stalking about the inner planes of existence. Once you admit that there is no secret doorway out of this reality, you true self just might find you.

You are living a life of an improv. That is the only way you can discover your true nature. You desire individuation and to break-free of this energy that has demanded so much of your attention. The world is re-inventing itself. That requires risk and a type of novelty. Are you willing to actively dance with the unknown?

I honestly do not know what kind of tragedy will finally make American’s come together to demand accountability and change. But I have many ideas of the types of extreme things that may become necessary. And none of them are what I would want for our world. And I pray for the shifts to happen in playful prods and openings rather than one cataclysmic event.

Mars moves into Virgo on August 18th and will be there until October 4th. The end of the month is going to help the Virgos tremendously as there are so many planets moving into Virgo, The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This will allow everyone to feel highly productive and more on track. You will get more done towards the end of the month than you probably have all summer.

August 30th there is a New Moon in Virgo. Know that as you finish out the month, this New Moon is in no way ordinary. Those five planets I mentioned above are conjuncting within the first 12 degrees of Virgo. I like to think of this as the practical things that have to be done if you are bracing for something. Organization and structure becomes very important. Knowing what you are doing and in what order is also critical.

It is in that moment that you will see that August put all the options on the table for you to choose the tools, magic, direction, and course.

Not unlike a game of Dungeons and Dragons. August is about creating your own personal Avatar. You are manifesting a new reflection of where you are really going. This was designed to make you feel alive and excited again.

This month merges your wild side with your noble self. You needed to claim the tools within that would give you structure and momentum that you will need to go forward.

You are going to need all your tools because September and October is a journey into the creepy spaces of the dark underworld.

During that time in the fall, I expect many “elites” to fall off their personal pedestals.

And by late October I expect a required Libran Legal Accounting of this whole mess.
~Suzanne Wagner~

The World Situation – My personal intuitive hit.

“Action is the word,
fire is the way,
risk is the choice,
and avoidance will be
the consequence.”


Significant changes are on the horizon for the Rams. I know you are tired of all this but there is a marked improvement happening even with the continued modifications that are being required of you.


Hot tempers and lust for romance are highly activated in August. Your creativity is in full swing in all areas of sensuality and indulgence. Food, sex, and art are exploding in passionate expression. Enjoy!



Expect a lot of success and growth this month. There is a sextile to the Sun giving you a burst of health and energy. Use is while you have it. Physical activities will get  you out of all that thinking and emotional processing.



Energy still supports Cancer this month but Mars displays an energetic sextile and Mercury supports a lot of professional progress. Cancers light shines bright and brings your competency to a new and higher level. You will have all the energy you need to succeed.


They are in full flow. Shining in the light. Feeling passionate and enjoying the positivity while it happens. Expect to have a much better time.



Your moment is more towards the end of the month when 5 planets start to go in your sign. So from the end of the month expect to have a very good time. You will feel in your element and your light will be at full brightness.


The first part of the month is a social scene that you will like. Romance dominates and gives you back some much needed energy. But after August 22nd, you might want some alone time or you might feel buried in work. Yet, you are feeling the preparation of the time from the middle of September into the first week of October. That is where the stars align for you.


There is a lot of country dancing going on. I mean that the “square dancing” is astrological. The fixed signs take the hit. Uranus in Taurus is in opposition to you and all the Leo stuff is squaring you also. Things are going to be a confrontational and those with disorders obvious.


On the 12th of August your ruling planet comes out of retrograde and then it is full steam ahead. You will get a lot accomplished from that time until Dec 2nd. Enjoy the flow. Take advantage of all the good energy and know you are protected.


You are also in the space of change, especially in the area of partnership. This is a positive shift and it will give you a new focus to support loving communication. And yes, there is a lot going on for the Capricorns. The eclipses are still impacting you and Saturn and Pluto are still making their presence known. While things have been difficult, you are one of the most determined signs in the zodiac. Know all things happening carry a karmic seal. It is supposed to happen and bring you to a better understanding of self.


You have a month where calmness and thoughtfulness are the focus. You might as well relax because you are not getting the energy from the Sun and Mercury that you really want. While Mars is trying to give you some juice, you are missing the energy of Mercury because of the Sun in opposition to you. Just know that some things are not going to run as planned, so you might as well relax and wait for motion to happen organically. Hasty decisions are going to not work well. Don’t let others influence your decisions or rush you.


You are still feeling this odd connection between Neptune being in your sign bringing you into a much deeper intuitive place and your secondary ruling planet, Jupiter, at home in Sagittarius and moving out of retrograde on August 12th. Neptune says to listen to your intuition. Jupiter says to take the risk. And Saturn is telling you to do the work necessary to get to where you want to be. You are being gifted with intuition, the ability to take a risk, and the support of the energy of determination of Saturn in Capricorn.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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