Astrology for June 2019 – Preparing for the Storm of the Eclipses of July


Preparing for the Storm
of the Eclipses in July

This is the last New Moon before we head into the July’s Eclipse Season and the next Mercury retrograde, making the beginning of June a good time to get ahead on what we can, while we can. Because the waves are going to continue to increase as the month progresses.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 17 at 1:31 AM PT and is the turning point. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and so not the sun and moon are both intensifying the storm. Jupiter rules tempests. I like to think of this combination as testing and brining out my own tempestuousness and testiness. While this Full Moon to some may feel like a moment of calm inside an astrological storm, don’t believe it for a second. Stay on guard and know that the storm is right in front of you. Stay focused and know that you cannot drop your guard.

This Full Moon is sandwiched in between days of difficult astrology. I want you to appreciate the many advancements that you’ve made while Jupiter has been in Sagittarius. Reflect and appreciate your choices and actions up to this point. Believe in yourself. Remember to check in with your heart. Always be kind and step away from what is not working. You have no time to waste on thins that will not matter. Let others find their way. You cannot protect them from the karmic lessons they are headed towards.

This month is all about navigating the contradictions.

Mars is in nurturing Cancer all month.

Mental Mercury moves through emotional Cancer June 4-26.

Mars and Mercury are not overly comfortable in such emotional signs, so find a way to deal with the overwhelm of emotions this month.

The relationship planet, Venus, moves through an overly mental sign of Gemini from June 4 to July 3. The test is to get your head and heart working in a unified way. While your emotions want an easy month, your intellect has way too much going on to slow down. You will feel pulled in two directions.

Venus in Gemini, brings the esoteric into heightened focus and is all about healing and bringing greater beauty into the world.

The month of June we are in the 6-week period before the eclipses in July so you will begin to feel them the entire month of June.

There are two eclipses in July. A solar eclipse on July 2 in Cancer has you looking at home and family needs and issues. The lunar eclipse in Capricorn and Cancer on July 16 has you looking at responsibilities in your life and where you get to get serious and focused.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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