Osho Zen Tarot:  Completion, Playfulness, No-thingness
Medicine Cards: Turkey, Bear, Eagle
Mayan Oracle: Caban, Universal Movement, Adventures Quest
Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Tower, Hanged Man, 6 of Disks
Aleister Crowley Deck: Ace of Cups, Swiftness, Prince of Disks
Words of Truth: No Movement, Sexuality, Powerless


This month many things are shifting. Many patterns are completing. And there is a better flow attempting to manifest.

The three Medicine Cards illustrates this perfectly. The introspectiveness of the Bear has awakened a thread of moral fortitude. The Turkey has offered itself up as a sacrifice for the greater good of all. And the Eagle has opened many eyes on a global scale. We can see the impact that denial and fear that has manifested in this world.

This surge of energy is challenging the old world and the old ways of doing things.

There is a breath of wind that stirs the sails generating much needed movement. After a long 2 plus years in the stagnant waters of the ocean there is finally a wind that wants to fill the sails so we can all move this boat forward.

The winds of positive change are beginning to blow. Presently, it is not a huge gust of energy and power. But there is a constant flow that gives hope and renews the spirit.

The changes that have needed to happen are beginning. The larger global mind is being reset. This new mindset is not functioning at a high frequency but it is strong enough to move us forward. Power and momentum will come later.

The earth has given up a lot to call humanity to this moral and conscious awakening. We are beginning to see beyond the mundane and into the infinite. We are seeing our connectedness to all things in this world. We are seeing beyond our narrow needs and convenience and into a broader global sense of how we all impact each other.

We are beginning to clean up our mess. And there are some big players are jumping in to help with money and ideas.

There is a long journey ahead and finding how to come together with constructive ideas is definitely going to be a challenge. Hope and constructive action have moved through the paralyzing blocked energy and finally we are gaining some ground.

There is a force of good moving through the chaos that is noticeable.

Caring is finally outweighing fear. Concern is pushing back against hate. And the evil that lives in the hearts of men is being exposed.

We all have a wild and wooly adventure coming but this month there is a playfulness in the mood and tone. How do we enjoy this process that needs to be cleaned up? It may be a long and hard slog through these tests, but each person can help a little in your own way.

How do you want to contribute to this new world? First, get excited! Second, see the possibilities. You are a part of one of the greatest global consciousness shifts in humanity. We live in an amazing time.

Together, let us spring into action and do what we can to help this world and others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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