Numerology for 3/19/2023

Numerology for 3/19/2023

3/19/2023 is the number 20.

3 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 20.
2 + 0 = 2

The number 2 reminds us that most of us are in a prison from the thoughts in our mind. Some of those thoughts are given to us because of our cultural biases, some are from our political beliefs, for others it is from the assumptions we have been given from the translations of others on religion.

Desire is a mental prison, fear is an emotional one, the belief that we deserve more than we have … is another one.
At many points in our life, we will see that confusion is also its own sort of hell, and when we cannot let go of our own suffering, we will carry it like a yoke and wagon behind us.
We then drag those places from our past into our future and change is not easy and at times can become possible.

Today, look at the mind and the thoughts that ensnare us into dark places and see what aspects we are carrying forward. Then decide if that is worth it.

Freedom is not a goal because if one sees it that way it has only once again, become a trap for the mind to compare and get lost in endless desire.

Freedom is a choice right now that can allow us to shed much that holds no real value any longer.

Today with this number 2 energy, see the true nature of the mind and recognize that the soul should never let the mind become the master in this life.

After all, the mind will want to get even and seek revenge. The soul knows that rejection is just a sign that what the mind wants is not the correct action or the correct timing.
The soul allows for flow to naturally happen. And that allows change to become effortless and with less conflict.
The mind will want to fight and win.
The soul knows that winning is about moving with life rather than trying to control it.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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