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Numerology/Astrology for 2/12/19

2/12/19 is the number 8. Deep inside each of us knows what this world’s potential actually is. A world filled with acceptance and peace, clean water and air for everyone. Animals and sacred places honored and respected. The inventive mind of humanity working towards a world that is energy efficient and that allows all to have the basics of life. That is why today, you feel so sad. You know what you came to help contribute to. But when those in power and those with greed and great wealth have the ability to thwart great ideas and stop the natural human progress, it is despairing. Why can we not just have a moral code that supports all rather than a few. I believe that humanity is finally waking up to the fact that those in positions of power do not always have our best interests at heart. They have only their own greed and need to fill the emptiness that they have inside. Some are hollow and have no ability to care for anything but themselves. Now, there are some that are making huge differences. I personally financially and energetically support them. I want to make it totally distasteful to promote selfish goals and to not decide to help those in need when someone has so much. I mean really, how much money does anyone really need? Today, feel that sadness inside that knows where we are failing in helping the world. Notice what you do that allows those with money and power to continue to gain influence when they care not for anyone else. Choose to actively stop using products that make horrible people richer. Support those that give back to communities and help heal the world. In that way you strip the influence from those that continue to tear down that which is beautiful in this world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mars and Uranus have been coming into alignment for a couple weeks now, and finally they exactly line up Tuesday evening. Let this revolutionary energy bring you amazing insights, and help you create ideas that set you and our world free. On the flip side, avoid impatience, angry people, and confrontations with authority figures. Pushing right now will not allow those in positions of authority to react well. There is a deep desire to make things happen. It is a moment when you begin to let go of what has been weighing you down and finally begin to let the change in. You recognize that you need to be bolder and more assertive. You recognize that experimentation is necessary to find new ways of doing things. This energy tends to be erratic. Therefore, act but do not react. That is because you do not always recognize such moments when you are moving from a genuine desire or if you are rebelling against restrictions. Rash decisions are not a good idea. Impulse control is essential. Things are coming to a head and outcomes are not certain. The feeling of constriction under such circumstances is completely normal though not welcome. This is a moment when keeping your own counsel is way better than sharing your feelings with others. Self-control is essential today.

With the First Quarter Moon you are compelled to take action in some way. Just remember that all actions have consequences. Poking a bear will likely wake it up. And grumpy bears are not in the best of moods in such circumstances.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Being on President
Nixon’s enemies list
was the highest single
honor I’ve ever
~Paul Newman~






“If you don’t have enemies,
you don’t have character.”

~Paul Newman~

In our social media world, success is based on “likes”. This is such a ridiculous standard for deciding if you are okay or not. If you define yourself based on the beliefs and acceptance of others you are no better than Pavlov’s dogs in his famous experiment. From that standard you are allowing others to dictate your reactions and behavior. Do you want others to tell you what is acceptable or unacceptable? Deep in your core you know what is right. If you give up your sovereignty to others by allowing them to define your life, you are living at a lower level of existence. You have been gifted with a powerful human life. If you want to continue in the primal level of existence go back and be one of nature’s beautiful creatures. This is your opportunity to step beyond action and reaction. Beyond the primal levels of survival. Your brain has a capacity to be inclusive and see beyond actions into consequences. Beyond consequences and into being able to let your actions reflect your principles and values. You have the ability to help and care for those suffering by your compassion, love, and grace. Do not limit yourself. Find out who you are within and allow that powerful light to shine out into the world. The problem is that this light will illuminate darkness, hatred, lies, distortions, evil, manipulation, suffering, neglect, and that which is not in alignment with the natural laws of this world. It is painful to see it. I understand why people do not want to wake up. But wake up we must at this time in history. Without a majority moving from the light within, only more chaos and suffering will ensue.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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