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Numerology/Astrology for 2/26/19

2/26/19 is the number 4. This number is ruled by Mercury, Uranus and Saturn. Saturn right now is telling us that things are going to be difficult and progress is going to be made only with a lot of concerted effort. Uranus is preparing to go into Taurus on March 7th and that is indicating that there is going to be some revolutions, revelations, and changes to our home, money systems, and Real Estate. Mercury is in Pisces and so youe creative mind wants to wander all around into the philosophical reasons for complex ideas. The number 4 attempts to bring understanding into all that effort. It wants to bring reasoning into the conversations happening. You want to put ideas into form in constructive and realistic ways. Complex societies have to have order and laws to manage the people fairly. To find that illusive balance you must work hard to build that foundation in your life. Then you must be willing to stand and protect that foundation. In societies, cooperation is the way to illumination. High standards are needed to keep chaos at bay. When laws are fair and allowed to play out then societies can relax and flow smoothly. When they are being tore down and people feel unsafe, chaos takes over and societies fall. You are a brick in societies structure. You have to stand firm within the structures of truth. Only then can societies heal and come back into balance, neutrality, and sanity.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Last Quarter Moon with the Sun in Pisces forms a square to the Moon in Sagittarius. Once again, we stand at a crossroads where there is a crisis of consciousness. It is knowledge that helps us sort out truth from fantasy. Each moment that truth breaks through the illusion of ego and habit allows something new to be born again in the world. The answers lie deep in the unconscious. That is the place to seek what you are looking for. The most powerful transformations are not hidden in places that are easy to find or to get to. The greatest treasures are hidden in places that you must be willing to search for. You cannot be great without being challenged. You cannot be fulfilled with the answers that satisfy others.

You may have noticed that it feels like a time to break out of the routines and experience more of life. You discover that the routines are not allowing you the growth and excitement that happened in the past. You need a fresh look and outlook. It is knowledge that gives you those moments when you step beyond your pre-conceived notions and into the expanded awareness that only information, truth, and integration can give. It matters not if others follow you. It matters only that you choose to step on a path for your own expansion and clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The worst
of all deceptions
is self-deception.







“Silence is better than taking truth
and twisting it into hate.”

~Suzanne Wagner~

“Strength of mind rests in
sobriety; for this keeps your
reason unclouded by passion.”

“You cannot be truly free
until you master yourself.”
~Suzanne Wagner~

“When you are a free man,
concern turns into action.
When you are not free,
concern turns into depression.
When you cannot control
yourself; you wish no one
to be free.”
~Suzanne Wagner~

“Each moment
you are choosing
in this human life
to let good or evil win.”
~Suzanne Wagner~


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