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Numerology/Astrology for 2/27/19

2/27/19 is the number 5. The number 5 and the physical world! A world filled with problems and challenges to overcome. A world filled with contradiction and strife. A world filled with beauty and wonder. A world filled with those that attempt to take the most intense emotional pain and challenges and make art out of them. This is a world that is designed to break your heart. It is designed to force you to open to it even if you want to close it off and hide. It is a world that is tortured and a world that tempts you into looking again and again at its wonders. The physical world is unique because it combines energy, matter, intention, and love into millions of forms. We live in a vast cornucopia of flavors, colors, and textures. But do you really enjoy it? Do you really explore its wonders? Is your life dedicated to creating beauty within this world? There are infinite ways to do just that but all things that have lasting value take dedication, patience, focus, love, and a willingness to feel out of your own reality and into the reality of others. Healing comes from stepping beyond your own perceptions and into the perspective of other life forms. All of nature must feel into everything around it in order to survive. I recognize that the ravens where I live are more aware of my patterns than I am aware of theirs. I catch glimmers of their patterns as I come out to feel the stray cat that lives on our property. I come out and I hear the call of the ravens letting the forest know that the cat food is there. I recognize that the cat willingly shares it with the ravens and the fox. I see how they work together as one unified collective to share. I wish one day for humans to be so willing to work together. I hope that this world can survive the inhumane humans. I pray for mankind to have the compassion of some of the wildlife I see and live with. I believe nature surrounds us and attempts to show us the way. And I hope in your own small ways you to listen and act upon the whispers that come towards you from nature and life. For me it gives me energy and hope. For me nature reminds me that after mankind has left this world, nature will still be here. It will continue to evolve and teach to those with the eyes to see, ears to listen, and heart to care.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter and you feel more trusting of life and believe in something better in the world. It is a great time to act on that feeling with all the intensity in the world and those that have such hardship and struggles right now. Give your joy and faith to others and help them through challenging moments. Only together with compassion and understanding can we make headway in this world of toxic news and rampant greed.

Be brave and adventurous. Have confidence in your ability to move and grow beyond this moment. All life wants to expand and improve upon itself.

The Sun and Mars sextile today giving more passion to all actions taken. Address the financial matters and make a change that allows for you to feel more simulated to make a difference.

You can accomplish much, and timing feels a bit more on track. Stress eases up and your judgment feels clearer. It is possible to speak without triggering others the wrong way.

Wednesday dinner time would be nice to share with a friend. Share ideas and laughter with someone you love.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Wise men speak because they
have something to say; Fools
because they have to say







Self-aggrandizement is a waste of time. Because in the bigger picture no human is of any serious importance.
Those that need power and wealth to define them have not discovered who they really are the in greater scheme of things. They are still trying to convince themselves of who they are by convincing others first.

We can never know enough. Even those with knowledge, schooling, learning, and degrees are still ignorant to the vast wisdom of this world.
Every soul sings a song. Every heart whispers to other hearts. Love makes everyone a poet. And music educates the soul of its virtue.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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