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Numerology/Astrology for 3/1/19

3/1/19 is the number 7. The number 7 is all about structure but it is also about facts. Facts have a logical structure. And facts matter. No matter what illusions and distortions the world attempts to make you swallow, there is a structure to truth, democracies, and the American Way! I know that I am not alone in standing up for the truth again and again. You have to call out lies relentlessly. That is because what is happening right now has a structure and that structure is collapsing the things that have held our country together. The number 7 is all about creating a plan that will serve all not just a few. Plans that are inclusive take time and can take a long time to bring everyone into the fold of that plan. It takes no time to create plans that are for a small group and that exclude the many. That is easy. But we are a country that is a melting pot of many different people, ideas, and beliefs. That structure was clearly not perfect, but it was better than what is happening now in the world. The way we survive is to have our own personal code of behavior. You cannot allow the distortions of a few dictate your actions in the world. I personally know that I have to live with myself. I have to look myself in the mirror each day. And I know that I stand in the place of inclusion rather than exclusion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon continues in Capricorn making the practical and real more important than the delusions and fantasies. Moving with ambition is important. Nothing will be finalized.

Venus squared Uranus making challenges and struggles as real values clash with personal tastes and desires. Socially it is a bay day to engage in deep conversations.

What is freedom? What does freedom require? There is one thing that is essential, “The responsibility to the truth!” Anything else leads us astray and makes getting back to the normal reality more difficult.

There is instability, restlessness and rebelliousness that is infecting the flow. Seeing things as they really are when you are in denial is painful and makes you struggle.

Don’t make big choices in such times of chaos and heightened emotions.

We live in a time when some wish to have the illusion of intimacy at the cost of our freedom. It is never a wise choice.

Do not act on the emotional whims that are happening right now. Reason must rule over emotions or there will be dire consequences in the long run.

Venus moves towards a sextile with Chiron after Venus enters Aquarius. See this aspect of a poignant beauty in the human weaknesses and conditions.

Venus in Aquarius will be transiting till the 26th. Fortunately the unconventionality and independent streak continues to disrupt the very stuck, antiquated, and distorted old guard reality. In case anyone did not notice we are not going back nor can we ever go back. The key is to treat others fairly, unselfishly, and with compassion.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Being brave doesn’t mean you are
scared. Being brave means you are scared,
really scared, badly scared, and you do
the right thing anyway.
~Neil Gaiman~







Life is not work when
you make it an adventure.
Life is magical when you
see each moment as one
that challenges you to be better.
Life is here to make you choose
in each moment between
your light and dark sides.
Life will frighten you
and force you to look at the places
within that are out of alignment
with the natural order.
Life will trigger you to step
right into the mud, again and again.
Life knows what it is doing.
When you are awake,
you see the mud at the
bottom of the hole.
And you learn to step around it
rather than be tempted to go through it.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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