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Numerology/Astrology for 2/8/19


2/8/19 is the number 4. This is a number of loyalty. So today, take a look at what deserves your loyalty? Are you loyal to an ideal or a possibility? Are you loyal to a person, circumstance, or a situation? No matter what you want to notice where your convictions lie. Passion is the greatest force for change. Passion (when it is properly aligned) can be a tremendous force for good in the world. Conviction makes you dive in and explore the possibilities. Imagine that today, you have 4 archangels at the four directions. Aske them for help in doing the tasks that are in front of you. One at a time, go to each of them and ask them, “What is the next step that you want me to move towards? And how can I accomplish that with grace and grit? Then listen and notice what insights they give you. Then today, move toward those goals with conviction. A world in chaos needs order. But that order must be in alignment with the greater majority of life on the planet. It is no longer just about me or you. It is about this earth and doing what is right. A foundation is being laid and it needs to be solid. While that foundation is being laid, it also needs to be protected from those that wish to allow the destructive chaos to continue. Only the force of structured and organized good will allow that to happen. You can help in a small way by doing the steps you need to do to support this world and the life you want for your children’s children.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


My recommendation is for everyone to remain as calm as possible this week. The astro news is heated, revealing, and probably going to get under your skin. Don’t let anger turn to despair. Don’t get sad, get mad. Mad enough to act and make a difference in some way. Those that need to change, won’t. Those that feel the pain, feel it even more deeply. This ride is anything but over. Just remember that I warned everyone over two years ago that this cycle was going to go slowly. Shifts of this magnitude take a long time. I see world governments right now, like an old dragon that refuses to budge. It takes a lot to get that dragon to awaken but when it does watch out, because that dragon is going to fly. And what a ride it will be!

Because we are in the final degree of Aries in a Uranus conjunction, it will magnify both. Remember, I always say beginnings and endings are more dramatic. Expect this energy to continue to build until March 6. We are building up for more and more declarations of sorts. What those look like will be emotional and intensely personal.

Know that the next several weeks are going to test your impulses. Be kind. Think before you act. Know that you don’t know everything. And remember that you have still a lot left to learn.

The Moon continues to deepen you until the time you go to work. Then it goes into the impulsive sign of Aries. Decisiveness is the name of the game.

Some will move this energy in fire and fury. Some will be impatient and domineering. I suggest instead to be pioneering and passionate for doing what is right.

This is a moment for a fresh start if you will allow the universe to reshape you.

Be brave, be bold, take the lead and move towards what serves everyone.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I have a wild side and her name is “Roam”.
She needs no one to give her a home.
She is at home in the places that are alive.
She eats golden grass and breathes the sky.
She flies on wings that shimmer in the light.
Dragons wings strong from hindsight.
Wisdom comes from experiences had.
Grace comes when you embrace the nomad.
Those that want to be safe allow themselves to be tamed.
Those that are brave, embrace who they are unashamed.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Do you fear who you are?
Or what you can be?
You will become
what you refuse to see.

Are you floating or flying?
Living or dying?
Breathing or holding?
Resisting or growing?

It is all your choice
to create or allow.
Forces expand
while others bow.

Take the time to
know who you are.
You do not have
to go very far.

There is a place
quiet and nice.
That has the answers
and advice.

Let that voice bring
you back.
To the places you believed
you lacked.

All you need
is all you are.
There is nothing to find
because you just are.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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