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Numerology/Astrology for 3/11/19

3/11/19 is the number 8. Nostalgia is what this day seems to bring. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to reflect backwards first. Not in a way that is demeaning but in a way that gives you insights into your past choices, outcomes, and now the tools that you need to utilize to make better choices. The past is there to inform us. It is not to be held onto as an absolute. Your past is there to assist your future. It is not there to hold you back in fear. When you let your past stop you from moving forward, fear wins, and grief is the result. When you let your past give you insight, and it informs you, then you turn disadvantage to advantage. You cannot deny the hurt of your past. Wisdom comes from integrated experiences. Past pain can turn into great wisdom and knowledge. That is why in the past, the older the person, the more their wisdom was honored and listened too. We have lost that somewhat in our present society. Part of the problem is that we are quickly moving into a more modern society where the new rules have not been made yet. How do we move boldly into the future and still integrate the wisdom of our past. To me that is about really learning and understanding history. It is through really honestly looking at the choices and actions of our ancestors that we can understand the motivations for our actions and hopefully make better choices and decisions. That is what is lacking right now. Past mistakes are being repeated and they are potentially going to cause the same suffering that our ancestors experienced. I hope that we see past the habits and patterns of our own mistakes and learn to take a new, brave, and bold path instead.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in the comforting sign of Taurus and it aligns with the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. Fulfilling your sensual desires is at the forefront of your mind.

Mercury continues its retrograde pattern in Pisces and it semi-square Venus. Expect some disconnects. Things may not seem to make sense. Try to not take it too seriously. The planets are always in motion. Nothing stays the same forever. Just because concentrating is a challenge and you feel a lack of mental discipline, remember that you are okay. Just a soul at the whim of the powerful astrological forces in nature. Keep trying and do your best to not complain. Instead, engage in more productive tasks even if they are small. Just do one thing completely through to the end. Feel the satisfaction in that accomplishment.

Let the sociability of today ease up the perfectionist tendencies that cannot be accomplished at this time. Let go and enjoy your life. Work will naturally evolve at the right time.

Recognize what you can accomplish with joy and connection and what you cannot. When you understand what you can achieve in this moment, do that. Otherwise wait for the right moment.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Do not go where the path may
lead, go instead where there is no
path and leave a trail.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~







It takes great courage to be creative in the face of hate, fear, and anger. Only the very brave know enough to live life creatively. That is because the creative mind is always a path that no one else has ever walked. You can follow the paths of your ancestors and your genetic line or you can use their choices to inform you to the potential of other ways and means to accomplish a great many more things in your life. Neve settle for the past accomplishments of your genetic line. You are designed to improve on their pattern. You were born to be the hope of another time. You were born to be more awake and aware than those that came before you. You were born not to be sheltered from danger but to face those dangers fearlessly and in new ways. Avoiding danger is no way to life. It is not any safer either. Avoidance is a form of selling out. And there is a terrible cost that a soul has to pay when they let fear override risk. Those that sell out their humanity are exposed in a way that is a stain upon their very existence. Bravery exposes you also. But I would rather be exposed because of my active choices in life that show my humanity than the passive choices that expose my weakness and fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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