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Numerology/Astrology for 3/15/19

3/15/19 is the number 3. Where is that smile? What did you do with it? I know it is in there somewhere. It can be as simple as making a choice to shift out of the human condition of maniacal focus on the suffering of this world and into finding joy whenever you can. Small minds focus on the gloom and doom exclusively. Child minds cannot see past the moment of the endorphin rush of hormones that make them feel alive in times of crisis. But there is another way. The peaceful path of seeking joy in life. How does one demonstrate love in such crazy times? The first step is to be broadminded and to be sociable, friendly, and kind. When you are encouraging to others you find the flexibility within yourself. These moments are designed to awaken you to the places that you are still healing and those places that you have been avoiding through various activities that distract you off those deep core wounds. It is time to heal those wounds and that is something to celebrate! But there is a huge amount of work that is now up to address and move through. Sometimes you have to reach a point that you recognize that rather than move furniture around in a house to make yourself feel new and okay, you have to move out of the house and get rid of a lot of old stuff so that you can start over. Let go of the old and allow in the unlimited possibilities that are available to you in that deep and complete surrender of the past. You are not your history, you are bigger and vaster than this narrow physical, DNA representation that you are experiencing. But you have to step beyond the attachment to this identity and remember your higher self. Then you have to find ways to allow that higher self to guide you along in this life. That may look very different than you present reality. But it will give you a way out of the constant negative rhetoric and allow you to find that beautiful smile once again.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon continues in the protective and relational sign of Cancer.

The Mercury retrograde is still in Pisces and forms a square with Jupiter today. I know that each person will feel the need to have an answer and figure out something that is really bothering you. But under these aspects it is also possible to miss important pieces and focus on things that really don’t matter.

The Venus semi-square Chiron this morning points to intimacy issues that focus on differences that are becoming more obvious. Your vulnerabilities are triggered, and it is time to give attention to some specific areas. Healing happens when you get honest with your weaknesses and wounding.

You are going to have to adjust your plans again. At this point this should be nothing new. It is okay to think big but know that exaggerating and overstating is only going to get you in more trouble down the line. Stick to the truth. And make the necessary choices to learn and improve on the things that you need to shift.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Never explain – your friends do
not need it and your enemies will
not believe you anyway.
~Elbert Hubbard~






There is a type of hidden inner smile that happens when someone miscalculates and does not realize that you see past the façade and into their darkened heart and distortions. You must not aloofly smile in a cocky, arrogant way because that will only make them want to fight and defend the position that you are clearly seeing past. It is important to not engage others in such battles and their warrior’s desire to defend their ego.
It is important to be still, silent, and observe.
When you are not attached to what someone is doing, you observe them without judgment. It is your judgment that makes them want to attack you. When they feel judged, they will want to argue and justify. That is a pointless game of the mind that never ends in any way that serves anyone.
Egos want to fight. Egos want to defend indefensible positions. Egos need to be right. There is really only one way and that way is compassion, truth, and authentic expression. We live in a world where humanity has placed great value on the egos of the powerful and wealthy. But you can be powerful and wealthy without awareness nor consciousness. Following such people is a waste of your life force and time. Making money is a skill that is easily learned.
Being authentic and really knowing yourself, that takes a level of dedication that is beyond the small world of the material plane.
True laughter and joy instantly break the back of egos. Honest smiles and compassionate glances disarm hatred.
When you learn to smile when enemies appear, you begin to understand that there is no external enemy. There is only the inner enemy that you have denied. When that external enemy arrives, you are at your next piece of learning and healing for yourself. That is truly something to celebrate.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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