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Numerology/Astrology for 3/2/19


3/2/19 is the number 8. There are things that make us be more aware of the undercurrents. This number is very good at doing just that. What is it that you need to look at and address? What is the feeling that you keep trying to avoid? Often it is sadness, despair, hopelessness, fear, anger, etc. Take a look and notice your patterns of avoidance. And instead just honestly sit with that feeling inside. Then you will discover that when you allow feelings to just be honored and inspected, they will often shift, change, and give insight into places that you maybe did not really notice. Emotions are doorways to truth, but you have to allow them to move fully through. Humanity craves the positive emotions but fears those deemed more dense, dark, or negative. But there is room for them all. The universe does not make any mistakes, so you are built for this complex pattern of emotional expression and all things are divine if allow to inform you to the deeper underlying truth. Never avoid emotions. Allow, embrace, and give room for them to move through. Then you will notice that holding onto them is a really bad idea and can make you eventually ill if you are not careful. Feel, transition, grow, awaken, release, allow, and discover. That will make this day magical.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in Capricorn until 2 pm today. While this aspect asks you to “keep it real”, it also wants you to see the reality of your situation.

Then the Moon goes into Aquarius and it makes you want to connect to others and align with Venus. You might be drawn to some more unusual situations at this time.

Venus is in a semi-square to Neptune in the morning. As such know that your perceptions and value of people and things is going to shift. You cannot gloss over what you see regardless if you really want to. You might doubt yourself and even see the truth under your own past choices and behaviors. While you want to avoid looking at the bad stuff. You really have no choice but to address what you have been hiding.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Healthy Conscious People
hear your words
but feel through them
and feel into the person’s
Attitude is one thing.
Attitude with intention
is quite another.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Overview for March 2019 – Short and Sweet

There is a March 6 New Moon supporting new insights and expanded perspectives. Uranus goes into Taurus on March 7th and will be there until early 2026, so get ready to have your foundations rocked and be careful so your finances don’t roll. There will be layers of revolution in our personal as well as, global values, money, and banking. Approaches will now have to be much more innovative and insightful. Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces March 5 to 28. This communications breakdown cycle will be challenging because Mercury prefers a more cognitive approach to emotional situations. Pisces is right-brained. Much more intuitive, artistic, and feeling oriented. The best way to handle this aspect is to allow yourself a type of retreat mentality. Know that many things have to integrate and because of that you will have to find the stillness within to find the understanding you seek. If you are too busy, perhaps a massage or some acupuncture would help. With Venus moving through Aquarius until the 26th, it is a good time to explore new friendships and group activities.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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