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Numerology/Astrology for 3/27/19

3/27/19 is the number 6. Everyone has perception. But honing perception to a higher standard is what is being asked in this number. To have a clearer and calmer clarity, one needs to have cultivated within a type of stillness and personal spiritual center. Without that center you become at the whim of other people’s choices and decisions and can get caught up in the distracting storms of life. This causes you to do those endless loops where you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and the only options that arise are the ones that perpetuate that loop. To end a causal reality, you have to step out of that reality and see things very differently with an objective and calm eye. Take some time today to meditate and look past the circumstances of your life and into the deeper meaning and lessons that the patterns keep presenting to you. A teacher told me something in my 20’s. What he said was this, “If you are continuing to experience a pattern that causes you suffering that means that you have not gotten to the deepest meaning of that lesson yet. You still have something to learn that you have been in denial of. You are resisting the realization of a level of suffering, attachment, and inner pain that needs to be addressed so that it can come back into your awareness. Triggers show you where you are not done, where you are not complete, and where you still have things to learn. Those same triggers are the keys to your enlightenment if you are willing to really address them and stop defending an old position.”

I hated it when a teacher told me this many years ago but now older, more humble, and hopefully wiser, I see how true what he said was.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon ends its transit of Sagittarius at 10 am EDT and goes into Capricorn. It brings out the conservative side to your thoughts and actions.

Venus-Uranus sextile also occurs today inviting you to be able to move on. To do that you have to let the past go. Easier said than done. But at least recognize what is still healing within you. Awareness will allow your energy to begin that process to let things go.

As you open up to new ideas it can feel very liberating. Look to new ways of relating to others and recognize that just because people have different experiences does not mean that they feel emotions any different than you. Successful interactions with others is about listening to others and recognizing where we are all learning and healing together.

When you are comfortable with yourself you learn to become comfortable with the variations and differences in others. If you cannot be in the flow with what is presenting in life, then you are not comfortable with yourself on some unexplored deeper levels.

Venus moves into Pisces today until April 20th. Venus loves being in Pisces. The thing to remember is that you need to know what is fantasy and what is reality. Don’t blindly fall in love and make major decisions because it is highly likely that they will not pan out in the long run.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I believe our emotional traumas create triggers.
Those triggers are actually a form of PTSD.
My experience of humanity is that
we all have some form of PTSD from
the powerful moments in our life.
Negative events often define our gifts.
They show us what we value the most.
They do not define who we are.
They define what we came to give.
~Suzanne Wagner~






I have clung to many things in my life.
I have clung to hope the most.
I hope for things that are possible
but that have not yet matured into this reality.
I long for those deep connections with others to continue.
While I believe they do, as the powerful connections are eternal,
I also know that connections move
from deep and personal to esoteric and subtle.
Buddha says that “We only lose what we cling to.”
And I recognize that all forms of attachment absolutely cause suffering.
And when I honestly look outside into this complex world
I recognize that we are all attached in some way or many ways.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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