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Numerology/Astrology for 3/29/19

3/29/19 is the number 8. I know it is hard but just for 5 minutes today, stop and feel into the pain and suffering happening in the world right now. It is as if this world is numbed out to the terrible emotional turmoil that has been created by circumstances, politics, warlords, dictators, religious zealots, and those that are in pain themselves and want others to feel the same suffering that they have been living with for way too long. Life is pretty transparent. If you have been wounded in life you either make healing that similar wound your life’s work or you have the potential to do some similar wounding to others. Experts in human psychology know that when one group feels attacked it either turns to compassion and educated understanding or it turns to hate and more dangerous emotional expressions. We know that the Inuit people are some of the most compassionate in the world and what is remarkable about them is that they do not yell at children. Instead they express the emotion that the child’s action makes them feel. Such as when the child hits. Instead of getting angry, the person expresses the hurt that the child’s action makes them feel. The child learns that there are consequences to actions and they then learn to choose actions that do not harm or hurt others. This number 8 is about grief, loss, and sadness. It is the emotions that are felt when others do not own the consequences of their actions on others and the terrible losses that are felt in life, when the people we love the most are taken from us in death. That is why you should always express your love and caring to others that mean something to you. Too often we get lazy and forget to value those that mean the most to us. Never take others for granted. Even if you cannot express love to a person today, send them love and appreciation with your thoughts. Then give those thoughts to an angel to give them to the person. We all need love. We all need to feel valued. Those that cannot or will not express that caring and value to others because of some distorted delusions about someone’s beliefs, culture, or actions limit their ability to fully feel into the vastness of love that is always available to each and every one of us. When you have the opportunity to love, never hold back. You never know what is around the next bend. You do not know if the world will suddenly spin out of control and those you love the most will be gone. Grief is about regret. Live a life, full out. Love as huge as you can. Give as much as you have to give in that moment. There is so much in life that you will eventually loose. That is why connection and appreciation is so important. Send love to those suffering in the world even if you feel unable to do anything that will make a difference in their lives. Love does make a difference. Caring does make a difference. A little help in a critical moment changes everything. It always has and it always will.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

We start out the day with a conservative, serious, structured Capricorn Moon, illuminating the practical side of life.

Friday evening around bedtime, there is a shift to a friendly Aquarius Moon. Meet new people or do something out of your ordinary routine.

The end result is a day where you are being asked to be grounded in order to allow some new ambitions to unfold.

The Moon harmonizes with Mars connecting us to your intuition and instincts. Use this energy to engage your emotions on a more constructive and insightful way.

Mercury and Uranus connect in a semi-square and it makes you a bit distracted. Expect tension and concern over decisions that you need to make. Regardless of the situation, know that such decisions can be difficult to make because the pressure and tension is so high. In such moments, insight may not as clear as you would like.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Progress is impossible
without change,
and those who cannot
change their minds
cannot change
~George Bernard Shaw~






Just wanted to add a bit of sudden insight I got from my own journey over the last few days. I have been taking bio-identical hormones since I was 38 years old and what an amazing difference they made in my life. My body is really odd and does not produce things normally that other bodies do naturally. And age makes all hormones go wacky for every woman eventually. But I was on a new protocol for my hormones and I had house guests coming and to clean everything up I put them away in a drawer rather than out where I could see them. The end result was that for about 6 days I forgot to take them at all. I started to feel like my entire body was hurting from head to toe. And I do Zumba and teach Ballet Barre 3 times a week. It had happened a few other times but not as severely as I had not forgotten for so many days to take the hormones. I began to realize that I had the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. My mother has it and I realized that she got it after her hysterectomy in her 40’s. I began to think that maybe the hormone imbalances aggravated or contributed to the feelings and sensations of Fibromyalgia. So I took my hormones and within an hour all the pain magically went away. I thought that I should share that insight for any women out there having Fibromyalgia. I may be wrong but that was my personal experience. I hope it might help others that might be suffering. It might not be the whole answer, but it could be a part of the answer.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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