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Numerology/Astrology for 3/30/19

3/30/19 is the number 9. Stop, look, and listen. There is a lot to say on “waiting on the will of heaven”. Sometimes pushing is not the way. Sometimes the flow is very slow and you have to listen intently for that right moment and that right choice for change. Shifts happen in the greater time of the universe. Not the intense times and demands of the ego. When you can wait and learn within the natural cycles, those lessons come more organically. Your intuitive side is tickling your brain, attempting to get you to a place where you are listening and responding with your full self. Not just one part of your brain. While I love my left brain for balancing my checkbook, I know that it is not the best equipped side of me to make intuitive choices and decisions. Wholeness is the key to success. Balance is the key to happiness. Both of those idealistic sides are needing some attention from you today.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Aquarius Moon it is good to attempt to set some intentions and plans. There is a desire for the original and inventive. But it is also a bit of a clumsy day. Your mind wants things to be stimulating so that you can make changes to your very human experience. But again, it may feel a bit bumbly.

There is a Venus-Saturn semi-square pointing out the diffidence to your past interactions. You may want to slow down and cool off before making any really big decisions. Anxiety might be get a bit high. Feelings and emotions seem a bit troublesome.

The Moon is sextile to the Sun, and it can help you find good ways to channel what you are feeling. The assertiveness of the Sun being in Aries combines with the social and humanitarian side of the Moon in Aquarius. It helps things get done. You have interaction and a go-to attitude. Use it wisely.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Patience is not simply the ability
to wait – it’s how we behave while
we’re waiting.”
~Joyce Meyer~






When cruelty becomes the norm, you should be worried.
When hatred is downplayed because of the color of the perpetrators skin, you should know that the rules of rational, social, appropriateness have gone out the window.
When the masses feed into the ongoing deception that is destroying constitutions,
you should realize that you are watching greatness die.
Then the question comes in. What are you doing?
Are you ignoring the problem? Because if you are …
then you are a part of that problem.
Are you attempting to speak up and speak out for those that are struggling?
Your actions make a difference in this world right now.
I know that our country deserves more than we have been offered at this time.
I know our country used to stand for something.
And I know that the world view of us has not changed for the better.
You cannot allow a small group of megalomaniacs control your future.
Nor the future of this country.
Not only is the world watching but forces above and below
are also pulling the strings to move the chess pieces of humanity.
If you do not resist being manipulated and moved,
you are just a pawn in someone else’s game.
My mind sees the truth.
My heart feels the crisis.
And my soul knows how to proceed because I have been here before in other lifetimes.
Lessons fully learned and integrated cannot be lost to time.
Discernment is a trait that is learned and earned.
There are many that listen still to their mind.
Not recognizing the voice of egoic attachment
that pulls them deeper into karmic suffering.
You cannot help them.
They have to learn this the hard way.
I remember the pain and lifetimes it has taken
to move past terrible choices from a thousand years ago.
Wisdom cannot be heard.
It must be experienced.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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