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Numerology/Astrology for 3/31/19

3/31/19 is the number 10. As we prepare to move into the next month astrologically, we also begin again with the numerology. The ability to change is essential for the progressions and evolution of all things in life. Innovation comes from change. Power comes from choices in life and those choices always are about change. Nothing ever stays the same and because of that learning to continually make small shifts is critically important to moving and growing from less stress and more acceptance. When externals do not align with your core then it is you that must adjust and find an organic place to stand in your own truth. After all, you have to live with you. What I have learned in life is that collapsing is not really an option. Collapsing and going into victimhood will never get you to where you want to go. That does not mean you don’t reflect and review before moving forward. It is important to look before leaping into anything. But today, reflect on what are the steps that you feel are most critical for your next phase knowing fully that one phase is completing by the end of the year and moving us into massive changes next year. The ability to plan and look forward objectively is more important now than ever. Take some time and feel into what is your personal next step or steps. Make a plan for the months ahead and then stick to it. It is time for change. You know it. You feel it. Now, what is calling out to you?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


At the end of this month it is time to put your past in order. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are moving retrograde until fall. There are big changes coming in the fall, so it is a good time to take a look at what you want and where you see yourself going not before the planets decide to kick in high gear and begin a huge stress period for all of us and the planet. I believe that planning and preparedness is critical for constructive and effective change. I hope that you take this upcoming Blue Moon on May 18th and use it to make the most out of the decisions and choices you have coming up. It is never too soon to prepare. I know I am jumping ahead a bit, but this gives you some time to get things organized in your mind.

Back to the Now Astrology.

Mars goes into Gemini where it will stay until May 15th. I was born with Mars in Gemini and therefore I am very familiar with this energy. While it is highly versatile and ultimately flexible, focus can be the problem. Learning how to temper that enthusiasm and diversity into a channeled and organized strategy will be your goal. If you start to feel overwhelmed, stop, regroup, and practice self-discipline.

With the Moon still in Aquarius harmonizing with Jupiter in the later afternoon, it is the perfect time to share ideas with friends and family. Use the expanding ideas to inspire deep and profound conversations. Allow the independence and social awareness to guide your path forward.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Beauty and majesty
are reflections of
the earth showing
how much it loves.
~Suzanne Wagner~






Confronting death
in all its various forms
is what makes you
not hold back in life.
When you experience
how quickly
life can change,
then you also recognize
the preciousness of life
and that at any moment
things that you have
taken for granted
can shift.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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