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Numerology/Astrology for 4/24/19

4/24/19 is the number 4. Communicating what you need and want in a clear, calm, and concise way is important to learning how to maintain harmony and balance in your life. Communicating is not only about expressing your needs and wants but learning how to listen to the needs and wants of others. This is a number of balance and balance is a two-way street. So many people live from the place that, “If you just give me what I want I will be happy!” But life is not that way. It is always a give and take. It is about compromise. It is about seeing beyond your own needs and into the greater whole that includes the needs of others. So today, learn to listen to what others say. Notice what is going on in your head when others are speaking. Because if you are still arguing internally to what others are saying you are not in balance and you therefore cannot be in harmony with them. You are not really hearing others if you feel the need to justify your own position. There are ways to connect that are beyond ego and support the essence of each individual. Today is a great day to practice that.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

You may want to pay attention late on Wednesday evening, to see if you can feel transforming Pluto turning retrograde. This is a subtle energy, but it indicates that something big is getting ready to happen. We have a moment to reflect and review our choices and make the adjustments necessary. This retrograde is designed to wake everyone up and make your attention become more aware of all the things around you that matter.

The Sun is in Taurus and it is trining the Moon in Capricorn. This is a very positive and fortunate combination that spells a moment of harmony and togetherness. Relationships thrive and give you critical moments of peace and contentment.

The Moon in Capricorn squares Venus in Aries. Sum this up to mean that in general, there are many emotional moments that bring you to take some leaps into new areas. You are going up against your personal inhibitions and that can create a degree of tension as you confront old patterns that have held you back and choose to break through them or not. Family issues are in the spotlight. That may not be the best way for anyone.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Hearing is listening to what is said.
Listening is hearing what isn’t said

~Simon  Sinek~





What would it take for the human population to really listen? Listen to the birds, the bees, the animals, the land, Mother Earth, each other? This seems to me to be what is being asked in the Universe at this time. Changes made without really considering others and listening becomes a waste of time, energy, and money. Because without a good overview, your choices are based on a limited perspective and it is that narrow view that will not give you results that will stand the test of time. Notice the aqueducts of Rome or the Ancient Peruvians. Most of those waterways are still working and some still standing. That is because of plans that are carefully laid out that work for everyone not just a few. It is time to broaden out perspective. It is not about making you or us great again. It is about cultivating a world that all of us can live and thrive in. And I mean all of us. All the plants, animals, birds, ocean creatures, bees, etc. Anything that harms this earth should be outlawed. And huge penalties imposed to make it just not worth it. That would change this destructive course. The question is if we can elect people in positions of power that are also on that same constructive and inclusive path.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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