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Numerology/Astrology for 4/25/19


4/25/19 is the number 5. The body healing often takes more time than the mind. The mind and spirit can grasp concepts quickly but the body often takes time to unwind and find a new pattern of balance and homeostasis. The number 5 is all about the body and the physical world. Being here on this planet is a lesson in patience and determination. To make changes in this reality is often slow and difficult. With the added astrology with so many planets (Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn) in winter signs progress tends to grind to a halt and get frozen in the ice. Notice where you are frozen, stuck, locked up, and unable to make progress. Sometimes you cannot push the flow. And recognizing where you are supposed to stop and regroup is just as important as knowing when to move forward. Take a moment to reflect and review your situation and determine if you have other options and choices. When you recognize where you have choice you will not feel as stuck.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


With the Moon in Capricorn sextling Neptune in Pisces, you are going to face some challenges and  it is time to do some personal development on the levels of seeking higher education and knowledge. There is an artistic flow that wants to move more creatively. Your thoughts are being guided to an extraordinary combination of intuition and determination. Expect to feel a bit dreamy.

The Moon conjuncts Saturn (both in Capricorn), which may very well rein in a bit of the above desire to have flights of fantasy. It is restrictive and reserved. Your mind may wander into a more melancholic mood and you might not feel strong physically. You may not feel satisfied with your present situation. You might notice that you are behaving in ways that show your insecurity and lack of sincerity. Relationships are hesitant and you might feel more distant from your mate. You want to depend upon yourself but you may also feel abandoned by others.

The Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. All and all, this feels like a downer. Outbursts are expected and heightened emotions lead to conflicts and more crisis.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you’re overwhelmed by
your emotion, you listen less and
judge more. This is also the
reality of the dogmatic mind.

~Tariq Ramadan~





Intense changes are happening that cannot be denied anymore. It is a heavy earth time this week because Pluto is going retrograde and Saturn will also go retrograde. There are big decisions to be made. You are going into a new innovative world of Uranus in Taurus. You can’t slide out of it in the slippery Neptune in Pisces way. But don’t expect things to go the way you want them too. Venus is in her detriment in Aries and while there is a lot of energy focused in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus (Sun and Uranus in Taurus), Venus is not in her favorite place. And she is feeling a bit alone and that flame is having a hard time burning brightly. Chiron is reminding us that we have to find our true authentic place to stand in the world and because of that some things, people, and situations are clearly being re-defined so you can see what you need to let go of. The Venus/Chiron it is not going to be easy and expect it to be extreme. You need to remove yourself from what is not giving you anything of emotional, energetic value. Pluto and Saturn take 35 years to come together and this week they are going retrograde and not allowing us to blast through just yet. I personally think that it is important to sort things now and get things much better organized. Sometimes you don’t have to wait till the last minute when the energy is so intense that it feels like the world is crashing around your ears. This retrograde of Pluto and Saturn gives you a moment to get rid of more stuff that no longer serves you. It is one of the last moments to tell yourself the truth before the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in Jan 2020. I would use it to my advantage. Do as much now as you possibly can. Get out of debt. Pay off your credit cards. Save some money for a tough moment. Because we are not yet out of this pattern that intends to radically shift the focus and direction of your life. Pluto is going retrograde on the South Node. Pluto has exposed the truth and now it is up to you to make the changes indicated by Pluto. It has felt like there has been no solid footing to figure out where you were going. Mars square Neptune is determined to figure things out. There are a lot of ideas but there is also a bit if oversensitivity. Pluto retrograde is trying to show you the ultimate emotional truth. Saturn retrograde is trying to show you where everything can really go and asks you to get very real as to what can happen. And Jupiter retrograde is reminding you that if you don’t believe in something you cannot move towards achieving that something. There are a lot of emotions that we are being forced to face. It is not comfortable. Truth is harsh in this moment. Each of us is realizing that we have become a grown-up Peter Pan, who has lost his playfulness, innocence, and trust. Life has become hard, structured, rigid, and no fun at all. And now you are looking in the mirror and seeing that somehow you have lost yourself in this very Capricornian Winter Dance. That very personal connection is what has been lost. Pluto shows that your old self has to die. What are you holding onto? Is it worth it? Clearly not! Because this astrology is forcing you to look at your own dysfunction. This is an amazing moment if you are ready to surrender to the best world possible.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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