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Numerology/Astrology for 4/26/19

4/26/19 is the number 6. Listen, feel, and move from that inner knowing. When you learn to put your reactive mind to the side and observe, life becomes less chaotic and more in a place of acceptance and clarity. You have a good heart. While that heart might be really exhausted from all the big changes happening, take a moment to appreciate how hard you try and how much you attempt to bring gifts, joys, beauty, and caring into your world. Just because others may not be able to receive your gifts fully does not make you wrong in the desire to bring love and light into the world. People can only open as far as they have grown in their life. Know that there is always more expansion that your heart can do. Love is a limitless energy that is always inclusive. But the light and love of this world sometimes gets rebuffed. That does not stop hearts from wanting to connect to others. Let one goal of this life to see how much you can expand love in the domain of your family and friends.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves into Aquarius. This makes things more social and receptive to joyful and leisurely activities. It is a great time to start something new, just remember to keep things down to earth and to use your common sense. Let the bright and hopeful energy of this Moon illuminate the way through some of the other astrological stresses. This Moon is innovative. Use it but respect other’s boundaries.

The Moon squares Uranus in Taurus. Bad tempers might flare up. Be aware where your snap point is and step back from that edge. Your changeable mood can make problems for you. You are trying to deal with the problems at hand. You are trying to diffuse stress by moving into sensual areas. But the restrained emotions can lead to tragic and dramatic developments. Notice where you are stepping and look before you leap into any new encounter. Other people’s feelings are on the line.

Expect difficulties regarding your career, family life, and dealing with those of the opposite sex. There seems to be a gap in understanding as to what each person is trying to convey.

There is a Uranus-Juno sextile that is encouraging you to interact with others and there is a desire for cooperation and connection. Notice there seems to be a push me, pull me feeling today. Some may need some space while others may need us to lead and inspire them to move forward. This is a good time for group activities.

The Mercury-Ceres trine activated communication and gives some must need imagination, warmth, and consideration to others. It is the perfect time to teach, learn, and express your feelings, especially in the business world, marketing, and promoting. Just don’t make choices on a whim. It may not work out the way you expected.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Education is not to reform
students or amuse them or to
make them expert technicians.
It is to unsettle their minds,
widen their horizons, inflame
their intellects, teach them
to think straight, if possible.

~Robert M. Hutchins~





Education is not about validating what you believe you already know. A powerful learner, actively seeks out new information that challenges what they believe. The more information you have, the more you begin to see the interconnectedness of many different things and beliefs. You discover that where those many perspectives overlap is often where the core truths of this domain reside. You cannot have an insightful conversation when you hold only one perspective. You end up lecturing to others, as if you are on a soapbox. That is not a discussion, it is and battle of egos that need validation and need to be right. A weak mind lives in a domain of absolutes. A strong mind is open. An insightful mind listens and includes information from many perspectives and places. An intuitive mind reads not just the words but the underlying motivation and intention of the speaker. A wise person responds not just to the words of others but the deeper desires and intentions that motivate those words and actions.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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