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Numerology/Astrology for 4/28/19

4/28/19 is the number 8. There can be moments of reflection as you look back in your life and recognize where you have wasted energy and time. Now, it is time to just choose from a place that is more authentic to yourself. Sometimes loving others means to let them go, honoring them and the places where they taught you so much. Appreciation is important to the progression of your life. You have to choose from a place of clarity, knowing that things do not always go to plan but choices are to always come from love and inclusiveness. Miracles happen when you accept and allow in other possibilities other than the ones you had hoped for. The pleasant surprises in life are there to remind you that controlling the universe will not always give you what your soul really wants and needs.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Have a quiet morning on Sunday, then a gentle afternoon or early evening movie as the Moon enters the emotionally deep and complex sign of Pisces in the afternoon.

The Moon is in the open-minded sign of Aquarius and Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius. This works well for social and material success. It brings a positive attitude into your life and brings with it popularity. Projects could be realized and your artistic side feels optimistic and capable.

The Moon goes into Pisces at dinnertime this evening, bringing with it a dreamy and imaginative quality. You may want to have a movie that “takes you away”.

It is a great time to be alone and let your imagination wander. Meditation and contemplation are all desired and the external reality may want to fade into the background. Intuition is heightened and it is the perfect moment to detox, forgive, heal, and unwind.

We are heading towards a Sun-Jupiter minor square which will be exact tomorrow morning. This will bring that feeling of wanting more in your life. When you move with this well, you want to make improvements in your life but it can make you a bit restless. Remember to let things lie and do not get cut up in the games of exaggeration or overestimating your capabilities.

~Suzanne Wagner~


If we cannot now end our
differences, at least we can help
make the world safe for diversity.

~John F. Kennedy~





When we embrace differences,
we open to possibilities we had not dreamed of.
When we allow others to be who they are,
we learn tolerance and acceptance.
When we recognize that there are many paths
to enlightenment, we create a world of permission
to explore and expand.
You do not have to understand the reasoning
for another’s path to give permission for them to explore it.
Different ways create different outcomes and perspectives.
That is always helpful in finding
a way to wholeness and acceptance.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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