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Numerology/Astrology for 4/30/19

4/30/19 is the number 10. Astrologically and numerologically there is a change today that shifts the trajectory of your life. Choices open doors to new things. You may not know what that new direction is completely but that is not important. You have to clear out patterns that have not completely aligned with you for a while now. Once space is cleared out, then the universe can fill it with what is your personal next step forward. Remember, the universe knows what it is doing. Just because it feels like you are stepping off a cliff does not mean that you cannot fly.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is still in Pisces and aligns with Neptune, harmonizes with Saturn and Pluto and clashes with Mars and Jupiter. We are getting closer to the Mars/Jupiter opposition. This brings about a time for healing, forgiving, and approaching your life from a more intuitive angle. Some may feel that they have ambitions that seem to be thwarted. But the goal is a calmer life.

There is a Mercury/Mars sextile that is exact very early in the day and into tomorrow but you will feel it the most today.

Then a Mercury/Saturn square happens and both push you to do something more productive, go forward, put an idea into motion but you may feel thwarted. This is a combination that is resourceful and at times can be zealous. That zealousness is a form or rigidity and it can make things more difficult rather than less. The issues under discussion seem heavy and serious. Communications are direct and clear without projection or blame. You may not hear what you want but you will hear what will propel you to the next level of your development.

The Conjunction between the Moon and Neptune reflect the desire to escape into your imagination and dreams. While that might feel wonderful it may also take you more out of balance.

Venus stays in Scorpio and it signals a time of trouble and a defiant attitude. Your thoughts may deviate from the truth. Being alone is not a bad idea.

The Moon squaring Mars makes you behave in a quarrelsome way and react rather than respond. Notice the tendency to be extravagant and wasteful to overcome this angry and irritating energy.

Use the Moon Sextile Saturn to get organized and make you face your objectives in a deliberate way.

Peak into Astrology for May

There are many energies impacting May, but hopefully that means you can tend to a wide variety of items on your list. There is a Blue Moon on May 17. The original indicator of a Blue Moon was the third of four full moons in a season, so this is a seasonal blue moon. Somehow, in modern day, the interpretation changed to it being two full moons in a month, and it stuck. In the middle of May, both Venus and Mars move into more stable signs, Taurus and Cancer, respectively. That will help everyone focus on what is important to family, home, and connection with others.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Some changes look negative
on the surface but you will soon
realize that space is being
created in your life for
something new to emerge.

~Eckhart Tolle~





There is a series of big planetary changes happening in May. There is a new social shift that is going to make a major turn for everyone. Mars is about anger and conflict and when it joins with Rafu it explodes into something much bigger. It brings things out into the open.
Saturn is going to conjunct Ketu and everything starts right at the beginning of the month with a bang. Even more things that have been hidden will be revealed. There is a heightened awareness that is raw and very real. That is good because it makes us wake up to a new level … again. Bad things have always happened historically. But now things are being seen in a very new way. All people and things are under a microscope. Old evil is being revealed so you can move towards truth.
The filters that you have had in the past are being modified. Most people move from their emotional body. But that is never an accurate way to live your life. This month, the world is beginning to get you to question beyond your projections and your personal penchant for how you want to see the world.
The familiar is being destroyed. That is the only way to break the back of your dysfunctional habits, beliefs, and patterns. This month you get to look past the superficial patterns and behaviors of world leaders.
We are in a critical breakdown on lots of levels.
There are forces of dark and light building for a showdown.
May continues to breakdown what you thought was so important. Your beliefs, religion, job, personal contribution, and laws are being broken and shattered.
This month is a time of accidents and violence. People are so connected to their opinions that there is going to be a shocking lashing out by some and that energy is so intense that it may startle you.
Believe it or not, this is going to force some much needed change.
Jupiter is going to back up and show the jealousy, greed, and dysfunction of this world. It is going to show you how it operates and how toxic it really is.
But that awareness is going to help clear the air. And it will force us to step past our habits.
Humanity is losing control. The realization of that is the greater purpose for all this upset.
This astrology can trigger people having major health issues and even death. Old leaders, the old guard, and the old famous people could be leaving because their job is done and it is time for the old patterns to dissolve away and clear the air to find this new truth that is attempting to unfold.
It is not about aligning with the famous people.
It is time to lead yourself.
It is possible that there are going to be upsets to travel, flights, and computers. I expect that the hackers are going to try to take over again. So back up your computer and make sure you don’t click on any “sponsored” links on the internet.
I expect the terrorists in the world to expand and be highly agitated and activated this month.
On the positive note, Jupiter will trine Venus. And that brings people together. It looks like events can be so severe that it forces us to find and connect to our humanity in big waves of compassion and deeper connection.

Expect severe weather to happen. Expect floods and lots of water to impact populations is ways that you have never seen.
May reveals where we are going for the rest of this year. Big events could make this world very, very reactive and angry.
Expect the markets to be volatile. Yes, it is going to be fearful because it is going to bounce back and forth, up and down.
It is all about noticing what has not been take care of. And finally taking responsibility and doing something radically different.
While this month sounds intense, and it is, it is catapulting all of us to a new level. Waking up is hard to do. We are finally hitting a threshold that is going to make people feel that “enough is enough”! And I find that powerful moments bring us back together again.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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