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Numerology/Astrology for 5/1/19

5/1/19 is the number 9. Listening to your heart and soul and finding how to make them flow together is the energy today. Completion comes when you use all the tools and abilities you have to analyze and evaluate your choices and decisions before you move forward. That is a well-rounded person with a keen mind and a clear heart. I find that regardless of how strong my mind is, it is my heart that must move in a direction that supports balance, love, compassion, and truth. Without all of those, any choice is irrelevant. It seems that some of the world has forgotten that two or more negatives do not make a positive. It is a simple equation. It is a larger greater truth. No good outcome can come from people who make bad choices with no regard to the bigger picture or the welfare of others. You never get to a completion that way. But there are those that believe that completion can come if you delude yourself enough to justify bad behaviors of others. Justifying bad behaviors of others just allows them to “get away” with it and do it again and again. When you know yourself, you cannot lie about others. When you know yourself, you cannot be blind to the suffering that people create with their delusions.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mental Mercury makes a challenging square relationship to restrictive Saturn as you are sleeping and that can make for a lot of tossing and turning.

The Moon moves into Aries at breakfast time energizing you to begin again.  This change will make you feel more directed and moving forward.

There is a Mercury/Mars sextile and a Mercury-Saturn square. And just to keep you in flux, there is a Mars quincunx to Saturn. Yes, it is complicated.

There is a feeling of rules, restrictions, and limits that feel heavy and difficult to coordinate with what you believe you want and where you are going.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm about your ideas and how to put things into place and yet there is a stickiness that is making your timing off. You want movement but you are emptying a cup and then being asked to wait for someone or something else to fill it. Expect to change and adjust plans again and again.

Uranus and Neptune form a semi-square and this started way back in August of 2017. You want to play and inspire but you feel restless and your old dream has not panned out the way you expected. Just be careful to not fall into some traps by needing something to fill the void. Just let the emptiness empty. You do not need to know where you are going at this time. Besides when you take off on an unplanned tangent, it rarely has staying power or the ability to get you where you want.

Today is a day of common sense. Don’t get too risky in your choices or actions. Prepare and carry out what you intend to do.

There is a mood of imbalance and mistrust. It can make people quarrelsome. Expect setbacks and disputed are common when things are this way astrologically.

Use this energy today to be energetic and confident. Brooding may not get you where you want in the long run. If you can align with this intense energy you could find the perfect moment for you to make a powerful shift.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When you know yourself,
you cannot lie about others.
When you know yourself,
you cannot be blind
to the suffering that people
create with their delusions.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Just because the world does a pattern, does not mean that you have to fall into the energy matrix that was created. You are here to operate as an independent energy field. You are here to add to and assist in the construction of the patterns that impact this world. I learned a long time ago that being a follower never works because you become habituated to the truth of information from others rather than knowing your own. Being a follower, a “belonger”, and needing to be a part of a group allows you to not take responsibility for your choices and actions. You get to blame others that their choices and decisions were mistakes and you were manipulated into their pattern.
I know that there are many clever people that are highly skilled in the art of manipulation. There are some that use if for the greater good and there are some that use is to bolster their own personal power.
Intention means everything. But you are 100% responsible for your decisions and choices regardless of if you were manipulated or not. Your actions in the external world are where you are held karmically responsible.
Yes, there is less karma is you are lost and confused in a world that is so complex that your personal development is not up to the task of sorting it all out. But you are still responsible none-the-less. It is your actions that tell the universe where you are in your spiritual development.
Or your inactions.
Laziness is not an excuse in any way for your refusal to choose because of “not wanting to get involved”.
Such a choice is all about fear. And fear holds a lot of karma.
Fear is what we are really here to overcome.
Fear is paralytic. Fear blocks objective overview and rational thought.
Fear reacts rather than reviews and reflects.
Fear is absolute and resists all types of change.
Fear needs what is familiar and what feels safe from your past experiences.
And fear is the greatest illusion.

Many times in my life I have faced death.
My spiritual friends shake their head in wonder at my life’s path.
What I have learned is that when death is staring me in the face, I have no fear.
In fact, there is a type of calm that overlays everything around me.
It feels as if I am in a bubble of truth and clarity.
And in that bubble, there are just choices and actions.
First choice for me is to no matter what be kind and calm.
Second choice is to know that everyone is doing their best to help.
Third choice is to know that all outcomes are perfect even if they are not what you expect or anticipated. Because in such special moments you are often clearing old karmic suffering and death experiences from other times and places. Such moments do not necessarily follow a rational flow. You are at the whim of your own karmic lessons and journey.
The fourth choice is to allow yourself to flow with everything that presents. Knowing that it is all of value.
The fifth choice is to let love in when it is offered. But do not (in that moment) allow others to drain you energetically as you are in a delicate position and you must first always honor yourself and what you need.
The sixth choice is to stay open and aware to the subtle information that comes in during such moments. The veil between this reality and the next is very thin and there are incredible truths that can come your way during such times.
And the seventh choice is to always remember those moments of truth and anchor them into your psyche so that your energy field is forever expanded and enhanced.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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