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Numerology/Astrology for 5/2/19


5/2/19 is the number 10. Telling the truth always generates a new beginning and is a powerful stance to take as you move forward in life. It is amazing how hard it is to simply tell the truth. That is because we make up stories to protect ourselves and to make us the hero/heroine of our own life story. But life is all about making mistakes. And mistakes are necessary for real growth. Being always right may feed your ego and you feeling good about yourself but it cannot give you the doors that will allow for your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical evolution. Mistakes teach you to pay attention to smaller details than you might have previously noticed. That allows you to become more awake to the amazing nuances in life, thus expanding your perception beyond the obvious into the sublime. There are always levels of life that exist beyond your present comprehension. And they are just as powerful, important, and valid as anything that you might conceive of in your own awareness. Embrace the diversity in life and let it penetrate the shell of your present state of being. Let life in. That is where the real power lies. It lies in presence and being at one with all the flows of life that constantly surround each of us. An awakened person is appreciative every day for very small things. An empowered person notices the many gifts that life offers up in unique moments. In every breath is a new life that can unfold. In every glance is connection with another soul and being. In every kindness given is the potential for a new level of intimacy.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is energized in the active sign of Aries.

Mercury forms a square to Pluto today and then it moves into a trine with Jupiter. These aspects are very different from each other. The Mercury-Pluto can produce mental anxiety or troubles, suspiciousness and a bit of paranoia if you are not careful. It pulls on your insecurities and fears that you are not going to get all the information you need. Step back from trying to convince others that you are right. Allow yourself to step into the not knowing and allow the emptiness to answer you instead of your mind. There can be a lot of inner dialog about how negative it all is in this world. And that alone can stir up people and cause a lot of trouble.

Mercury trine to Jupiter is at the other end of the spectrum. It is about finding the faith and belief in yourself. Fortunately this gets stronger by the end of the day. You gain a more positive outlook because you share your concerns with those you love. Sometimes our friends can help us step back from the small picture and allow us to see the bigger picture instead.

While your intentions are noble and your curiosity is strong, seek out truths that you have not previously observed.

It is a good day to call your mother and tell you how much you appreciate her love and support. Let out your tender side and recognize the intense love and devotion you have been given in your life.

Learn to not be overly eager to radically change the world or others. That pushing of energy can make you slip up and you will be more prone to errors.

It is a tricky day. On one level you feel melancholic and unhappy and somehow things just don’t seem to give satisfaction the way you want. On the other level you might feel open-minded and courageous in the face of the coming obstacles. ~Suzanne Wagner~


At the edge you can see further.
At the edge you feel, flying and falling.
At the edge you push into the unknown.
At the edge you discover that hidden you.
At the edge you can claim sovereignty.
At the edge you learn who you really are.

~Suzanne Wagner~





A good teacher
pushes you into
your incompetence.
A good teacher
allows you to feel
past your discomfort.
A good teacher
does not validate
A good teacher
illuminates your
A good teacher
has nothing to
prove to you.
A good teacher
plants a seed
for your awakening
A good teacher
intends to awaken
you to your
expanded self.
A good teacher
paves the road
to success with
your prejudice.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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