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Numerology/Astrology for 5/26/19

5/26/19 is the number 7. This is a great day to being to formulate a plan. Not to do the plan but to really look at what something might take to accomplish that goal of yours. Plans are a great idea. It lets you begin to see the steps necessary and evaluate what it will really take to make ideas into actuality. Life always has a plan and if you do not put in your requests to the universe you will unconsciously be at the whim of your karmic contracts. Intellect and experience give you an advantage to mold and shape those karmic agreements into the best-case scenario. Something that I always prefer to do. Awareness is always the key. When you can see what lies ahead and can anticipate the challenges, then you are not surprised or upset with the universe. You are prepared and do not take small upsets that present personally.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in gentle Pisces today and into the USA Memorial Day holiday on Monday. It is a great time to be by a watery place to meditate and watch a good movie. Just let the days drift in a daydream.

In the morning the Sun and Saturn for a sesquiquadrate and you may feel blocked, exhausted or restricted. Sometimes it is just best to not fight it but allow it. Learning to take some time and just rest is what the universe has in mind. It might be good to listen.

The Sun is sextile to Chiron around midday. Re-evaluate your purpose in this life. Find where you feel confident and express that through your family and projects. Growth is what is being asked of you. There is great joy in problem-solving. You feel stronger and more empowered.

We are in the Last Quarter Moon. The Sun is in the duality mindset of Gemini and forms a square to the Moon in sensitive Pisces. You are looking and re-evaluating many things. You are looking to see what really works for you. You are being prepared to make some more changes.

Don’t start something right here. It is not the best time. But it is great to finish those projects already in motion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Anytime you stay too long,
it is like when you stay
out in the sun longer
than you are prepared for.
It is not the sun’s fault.
Nor is it another’s fault.
The sun is just shining.
But when you know yourself,
you also know your
limits and capabilities.
When you stay aware, you
know the moment when it
is time to make a change.

~Suzanne Wagner~







It is a beautiful day in northern California. We have been gifted with more rain and it has kept the temperatures down to my favorite coolness. At this time in my life I don’t do well in heat. So I have loved this particular time because it is as if spring has extended and lasted longer. It has given me the chance to work on my garden in comfort. I have finally had the chance to do some things I have wanted to do for a long time. Such as put netting over my vegetables so the chipmunks don’t eat my blossoms that are supposed to turn into lovely vegetables. I redid all my drip lines and hopefully that will get me a better balance for the plants. Because I travel often, this is always the tricky part of a vegetable garden. They often need some TLC and I may not be here to notice what they need. It has been an ongoing experiment. And I am getting smarter and wiser as I learn. But this spring has been perfect to take the time to do some fine tuning. My hummingbirds swarmed in all at once yesterday. They are a bit late. But I am sure this cool weather and rain gave them many options because of the beautiful flowers blooming all the way up from Mexico.
I have a few that are always here. They stay year-round. Sometimes they leave for a week  or two. I joke and say that they go to Marin and have a short vacation. But then happily return.
My Banded Pigeons are back. They come every year and the eat a ton. But I feed them because they are struggling as a species. They do not know why but they know that they only have one offspring a year and so they reproduce more slowly. They are sensitive to certain diseases and need open water that is flowing. That is why they are here because I have a year-round spring and there is a pond on the property just below us. I am happy to help my group of banded pigeons. All species are struggling at this time and I find that if everyone put out some effort to what is right in their area then we (as humans) could make a big difference.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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