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Numerology/Astrology for 5/27/19

5/27/19 is the number 8. This number is about grief, loss, and sadness. That dense emotional expression can be released by bringing yourself to full presence. It is the past that haunts and hunts our inner peace. It is our inability to bring our full self into this moment (because of past trauma), that is the cause of so much suffering in this world. The past shapes us and defines our values. But it is not the end to the development of who we are to become. If your past blocks your forward progression towards evolution into the highest reflection of who you are, then you have failed the test of this life and this world. Everyone will get hurt and wounded. Everyone will have to learn how to move past the events that shape us into a being of compassion and conscience. But we are always more than we can presently see or express. This journey of evolution and development has lasted for millennia and will continue to develop at the pace that you are willing to allow. Decide to explore, discover, and develop into your highest and best self. Acknowledge the past but do not ever allow it to define you completely. The past is the method by which the universe teaches responsibility and awareness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon continues in sensitive Pisces. Always a good thing to practice the core values of Pisces which is compassion and connection with others. Stay present with others and be your best self. Notice those who refuse to commit to a plan or action. Notice those without courage and practice avoidance. And allow them to be where they are.

There is an alignment with Neptune and Venus is in harmony with both. There is a spiritual depth arising in your relationships and you tend to approach others with more compassion than previously. This world needs all the compassion it can muster right now. Be a part of that new and growing trajectory.

Today is a day to forgive and release things from the past that no longer serve. With this creative influence between Venus and Jupiter, it is a good day to put your faith in someone else. It is time to look honestly at others and see into the very soul essence of who they are. Once you see that, trust that, and know that someone’s ego is not running the show, there is a doorway to a higher level of trust and awareness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You can’t depend
on your eyes when
your imagination is
out of focus.

~Mark Twain~







Teachers are here to ignite those still asleep to the wonder and magic that is possible in life. They are here to open doors that have been shut in your awareness. That is what makes them seem so wise and inspirational. They know a doorway to a secret place of soul development. And that makes you want to follow them. The problem is … that they know certain doorways that they have walked through but not necessarily all the doorways necessary to support your soul to expand in all the areas you need to become your magnificence. Always takes the doorways offered. Some will make sense and align with your energy field and some may make sense at a later date as you continue to evolve. But know that this life is more like a personal treasure quest rather than a linear straight line of spiritual progression and evolution. One path is insufficient to allow you to become all that you can be. Certain paths are the spiritual progressive steps to teach values and what is important to learn here is this dimension. Others are to open places in your consciousness that need to be expanded. But the final result is that you will discover that you will become your best teacher. And some of the most essential lessons come from you rather than the experiences of others. The most stunning moment is when you recognize that all the lessons you need, present in your life naturally, if you are awake and aware enough to appreciate them. The greatest transition is when you fully let life teach you all that it has to offer. That is because then you are not striving to be like someone else but you know that you are complete right now and that you have always been whole. There is no need to compare yourself to others because you see the uniqueness in everyone and everything around you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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