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Numerology/Astrology for 5/28/19

5/28/19 is the number 9. Find the doorway through to the next level. You are hitting your head on the ceiling of the old level and that discomfort is compelling you to reach past your old levels of comfort once again. This is the number of resolve. Completion comes when your soul makes a choice and a decision. Even if you have not yet stepped into that new place your soul is already creating an energetic path for you to leap from. Your future has a plan for you and it is calling to you at this time. It calls for you to reach past your fear and your limitations. It reminds you that magic happens when you energetically reach beyond the known. That is where magic lives. Because it is always the possibility, the potential, and the mysterious.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves from impressionable Pisces until mid-afternoon and then it moves into Aries. It gives a fresh start to your energy field. That should feel freeing and relieving.

There is a Neptune-Juno-North Node connection happening today. You might find that you connect more deeply on a soul level and you choose to give others the benefit of the doubt. You are more charitable today.

That adds to a Mercury-Mars parallel bringing some much-needed energy into your speaking and communications.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Some people want answers to their questions.
Others want to explore the mystery.

~Suzanne Wagner~







Some people want order. But it is really only their own structure and definition of order that they want. They want a life that is about comfort and routine. They want normalcy. But life is supposed to be a mystery. Life is supposed to catch you off guard and throw you into places and spaces that show where magic still exists. And it exists at the edges of your mind. Those places that put you into discomfort in order to stretch past comfort and into longing. What would it be like to have a life that constantly sought out that edge and leaned into the mystery? How would it be to find the ultimate comfort with yourself by being one with discomfort? That is where life gets interesting and not boring. That is where life feels fuller. That is where you connect to your higher self that believes in that potential that you carry and you finally allow life to coax it out into the open.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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