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Numerology/Astrology for 5/29/19

5/29/19 is the number 10. This is a number for power. Today, ask yourself the questions, “What is your personal true power? How does it authentically express itself in the world? Does is make a difference in the lives of others that it touches?”. Right now, there is a lot of destructive power moving through the landscape. What we need are those that care and want to move power not from the place of selfishness but from a place that heals the world. Without caring, we are all in trouble. Without powerful people standing up for something, the negativity and chaos will continue to unravel things that are good in the world. I personally will not let that happen and I know that there are many more good people in the world than bad. But those that want to do bad things have control that needs to be taken away from them so they do no more harm. If those good in the world will not stand up to the bad then we are really in trouble. Find that beautiful power that is held in your soul and give it out into the world. This world needs all those that care to stand up for her.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Aries but clashes with Mars in the Morning. Know that your inner frustrations and personal desires to get something done will interfere with your outcomes. Circumstances are going to continue to test you.

The Sun also is sesquiquadrate with Pluto in the morning and it also will aggravate fears and feelings of powerlessness. You may feel overlooked but know that regardless of what others do you are not powerless. You have value. Remember that!

Emotions and feelings that you have buried may surface under this astrology. You may attempt to control that chaos by manipulating your circumstances and others. The more persistent you need to be the more you are afraid of what is coming up. It is often best to sit with the truth of what you are feeling over holding it in or spewing it out to others.

As the day progresses, the intensity will get less. But watch for impractical choices. Know that if you are not clear on the facts it would be wise to not open you mouth.

Keep your mind open to different possibilities and options.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Be not afraid of growing
slowly, be afraid only of
standing still.”

~Chinese Proverb~







I do not write because I have the answers.
I write because I have a song to share from my heart.
I write because I see people wish for others
what they would never wish for themselves.
I write to awaken the wisdom in each person.
After all, those that take responsibility
for their own decisions, do not follow
the ignorance of public opinion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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