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Numerology/Astrology for 5/30/19

5/30/19 is the number 11. As a mental number, get ready for over-thinking to get to a new level of intensity. Fortunately, you have a choice, to allow the number 11 to take you into an expanded state of awareness or allow yourself to collapse the 1 plus the 1 and make it into the negative and critical mindset of the number 2. That, of course, is not recommended. There is enough negativity in the world right now. What we all need to do is learn to transcend that negativity. Today, you get to practice. Control that mind. And take the energy into the higher realms.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

You may feel like you are in a mental overload and your brain wants to shut down for a while. But it isn’t all bad since harmonizing Venus is in play on Thursday and Friday, providing a bit of a buffer zone for too much thinking. It is a much-needed break from overly figuring it all out.

You can imagine that the astrology went into overload. So take a breath while we sort it all out.

The Moon continues in the pioneering and impatient sign of Aries. You can get a lot done but sleep might be an issue as your mind is going to wander around overthinking and attempting to make sense out of too many subjects.

Mercury opposes Jupiter and is challenging both Uranus and Saturn. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm about your ideas and the desire to share them is strong. But for some there is an anxiousness and that combined with sensitivity can wreak havoc on your sleep. Know that you cannot please everyone all the time. Notice what is most important to you and then ask for what you want.

Take your time to explore and create new patterns. Take a look at what in your past is wanting you to remember, reconnect, reflect, and complete. There are no new problems but there are new solutions to some old ones.

You have been waiting for this moment. Let the circle complete. Let the old pattern evolve into a more conscious place that will allow for less wasted energy and stress.

In the stressed mental pattern, do not exaggerate or miss the bigger point. Stay calm and do not overstate or overestimate any situation. There is a lot of mental anxiety that could manifest as swings from faith to doubt. In such situations it is difficult to make good and practical choices.

Come from a place that is realistic and confident. Otherwise you will tend to scatter your energy and take on too much.

With the Venus-Neptune sextile, you will be able to tune into the worlds of beauty and romance and see the spiritual dimensions in your relationships. It will make you want to approach others with more compassion and kindness.

Venus is coming towards a trine to Saturn and this is a good time to unlock some good ideas.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“The more persistent
you need to be
the more you are afraid
of what is coming up.”

~Suzanne Wagner~







He who thinks he knows is a fool.
He who observes others is wise.
He who knows himself if compassionate.
He who cares for others is awakened.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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