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Numerology/Astrology for 6/10/19

6/10/19 is the number 10. What can you do today that generates beauty and joy in the world? Can you use your power and direct it to making something a wonderful memory for another? Small things make a difference. Taking time is really what it is all about. Power is not a force to be inflicted upon others to get your own way. Power is a part of who everyone is. Power is that desire to be better and to make the world better. You have power to make the difference in someone’s life today. The question is, “Will you?” It amazes me that everyone carries that same potential but some never choose to use it. Why? My question to myself is, “Why not?” I am no longer waited for some illusionary perfect moment to happen that tells me I am ready enough to show up. I am ready now and I choose to show up with what I have now. After all, why not?

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Today, your big ideas and ambitions are influenced by a certain disconnect. Do not beat yourself up if you are not moving as quickly as you think you should. Let it be a slow Monday.

The partial reason for this is that the Moon goes into seven connection with seven celestial bodies in the sky. It will push and pull you in a lot of directions. Tension is the result and it will expose those tender emotional edges that you would prefer to not show. Many will see this as a very difficult day. Stay present. Stay as calm as possible. Know that others are also on edge and it is not just you. When I know that I can take what others say with a bit of detachment and from the place of observing rather than personal

With the Moon trining Pluto, you will feel more tender and sentimental. So much is changing and the world seems like a new frontier. You know that career wise you need something else. Perhaps a change of location would help. Just know that no matter how far you go, you will always find yourself. Work inside to outside first. Do your best to not put expectations on these changes because too many uncontrollable factors are in play.

The Sun in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. This opposition can make you feel extravagant. Indulge a bit but put some of that money away also. Some people can attract problems with laws and authorities. Know that obstinacy is the theme of this day. Do your best to flow rather than resist.

The Moon goes into Libra and you are longing for harmony and affection. You feel more romantic than usual.  Friends will see you in a more open-minded way.

The Moon trines Venus. You will feel joyful with family and friends. There is a desire to put the past to the side and avoid the old conflicts.

There is conflict regarding what you think you should do and what you want to do. Many things are pushing you to address the internal urges that want to shift. Just don’t overreach. This is not that moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The truest wisdom
is a resolute determination
~Napoleon Bonaparte~






Last night I had so much fun making homemade ravioli for my friends. Life is about finding those small adventures and sharing it with those you love. My friends that let me stay at their beautiful home in Utah while I am working, I have known since I was 27 years old. There is nothing like having friends for over 30 years.  Mary Ann and I have been on the adventure of food and cooking for a few years now and are having a blast. So last night we went vegetarian and with Italian, it is easy to really enjoy. We made butternut squash ravioli with cinnamon, nutmeg, and chipotle paste, with a walnut, pinenut, pistachio pesto. Yum. And then a more traditional ravioli with Burrata, ricotta and a brown walnut butter sauce. We made a fruit salad and regular salad. Mary Ann made the most delicious Ricotta Cake with blueberries and raspberries. It was a lovely evening. And we had some of our friends from the dancer years over.
The older I get the more I love to take time to spend with those I love and know. Those that have stayed in connection over the years that feel like a very comfortable pair of house shoes. There is such peace in familiarity. You do not have to pretend to be someone or something that you are not. It is just easy to be raw and real with those that have known you for a long time. What was so great about being a dancer in a company was that you are young, vulnerable, emotional, stretching all the time to be better, in situations of extreme stress, and have to learn to work together with all the various personalities that make up a diverse ballet company. You challenge each other, you confront each other, you strive together, you cry together, you succeed as one giant dysfunction family and somehow in the midst of it all, it works. That is what life is really about. We are all here to challenge each other to be the best that we are. We all have to learn to work together. It is not about just one person. One person does not make a performance. There are many behind the scenes supporting this miraculous vision and dream. You are never alone but you are also surrounded by those with their own expertise and gifts. So the next time you are at a ballet, really look at all that it takes to put a show on. Look at all the stage crew, the orchestra, the designers for the sets and costumes, the teachers, coaches, and performers, the people that help with the costumes, and those that are the fund raisers for such organizations. They all love one thing, ballet. They all share one dream. And regardless of the personalities, they learn to put that aside and become one magical voice of a story that they want to tell through dance, music, grace, and expression. Every day, there are places where miracles are happening. Do you take the time to really notice and appreciate what others do to make the world a bit more beautiful?
~Suzanne Wagner~


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